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2 cool kids and the jacked-up chocolate milk…

August 12, 2011

every bit as human as the rest of us me myself & i all 3 of us see and feel the wheels in motion of a beautiful day where we are all together as the rettinger5 yet again, the grace of god is with us – may it be with you and your loved ones in every which way just the same – this has been a day that my eyes not long ago not anywhere near as open grateful and loving just would not have seen the beauty of all that is around and was again today – as the blessing of a new day arrived my eyes opened to the love of a collective nearly 50lb. cat, actually three in a row from shoulder to hip all in a line like they were all ready for the shutter at a sears portrait studio of yesterday – that’s love – next all the light of the new day came in with a brilliant shimmer as each curtain turned away to welcome the day – do you ever just stand there for a minute or two and feel the sun especially at the light of a new day? – it’s a gift not to miss – an expected call with a perfect stranger later in the morning was just that perfect, as if it was meant to happen and not planned, that’s a feeling the mind can’t create yet the soul delivers with ease – that call was followed with an echoing return of grace and gratitude and it all presented itself as i’d already seen and placed the order for it to be and it now is – it was all coordinated selected and let to be with just the appropriate steps of action and it was all with ease – that was a first for me in a very long time and now i’m with the blessing of learning how it all works – it is life and it is amazing isn’t it? – i hadn’t a sliver of an idea of how it all really works until recently and it’s still unfolding as i’m just at the beginning – next what was to be just a gift of love in a card through the door was rather a welcoming hug and the sharing of friendly conversation from a newer friend from the last year – and that was a blessing that allowed a home to be left with the light of radiating love now surrounding the card for when my love returned this evening – and then the evening arrived with two of my nephews performing in their 3rd annual summer theatre camp review along with a hundred more enthusiastic talented and heartwarming kids from 5 to 15 – what a joy to share in all the love from the audience of adoring family and friends as their children all gave it their absolute best all with a smile a mile wide as they put on display their emerging talents for all to see – a visit with the nephews my sister and the grandparents after for a treat at the coffee shop put just the right cap on the evening’s show – and then home to be greeted by these 3 unendingly loving cats of ours as they all came running to the door to say hey poppa where ya’ been was exactly how it was suppose to happen – a steadily more relaxing mind has given rise to the ease of how it all can be as i’ve come to learn is also the only way happiness arrives and stays day after day after day – never is it wise to not look at my 2 cool nephews as they joyfully pick up their turbo-charged chocolate milks to the brim and beyond with the whipped cream and simply smile and recognize god’s grace of gifts all around me every daythey’re here they’re there they’re everywhere even when you can’t see them happening trust and have faith the blessings are overflowing in your favor smile say thank you with love and live the life of your soul – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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