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light up the sky…

August 13, 2011

it’s an incredible piece of van halen excellence off the second one and it’s also exactly how the skies came alive tonight in an amazing display of dark to light cloud to cloud lightning taking the heavy gray to a brilliant blend of blue to purple – cloud to cloud’s just not something that seems to be seen all that often and for me as one with an ever-gazing eye for the constant beauty of nature it was thrilling – most might have laughed hearing my excited voice at the split second visions here and there of nature at its most opulent and unpredictable – given i was riding solo sans my normal lovely and amazing front seat co-pilot rena it may have appeared even funnier watching me talk to the skies – but you know that’s the essence of life being able to experience elegance without a moment’s hesitation in attaching your soul by way of speaking up to mother nature and telling her ‘great show ma give me some more!’ – for me that’s been the greatest gift of the handheld era having the miracle of a camera in my hand nearly at all times to catch these constant yet fleeting displays of unexplainable beauty from sunsets to meadows of golden lilies to stunningly electrified skies that you can literally feel – one of the most important aspects of our lives we can ever give love to is the simple vital and soul-satisfying act of stopping to smell the roses – when’s the last time you walked that path if for only 30 seconds? – do you remember how it even feels? – we must realize that god is trying to bless us each and every day and all throughout the live-long day just the same – having our eyes and ears open to what counts in this life is the engine that drives our ability to experience and feel true fulfillment – how’s that sounding to you? – anything less than this feeling is unacceptable unnecessary and absolutely in need of not going on one second longer – and it all starts with counting in your mind to 1 and then to 1 again and next we count to 1 and again as you’ll realize as i’ve come to learn the same that 1 second is all we truly ever have, the one before the present well it’s already gone and the one upcoming god forbid you may not make it to so it’s our only crystal clear choice but to choose to truly live in each 1 second we have and as we do you’ll immediately establish a relaxed mind where you will really start to see once again what matters – and all that ultimately matters in this life is that we’re completely grateful for the uncountable blessings that surround usall the love already there for you is only ever to be fully embraced held on to very tightly and never cast aside for a life of less love is a path of sorrow – choosing a life of less love is never a necessary nor a wise choice and in fact will nearly suffocate your soul as she can only ever whisper to you that she is saying yes to the love that is already there – it’s just the way of the world inside our heart and we must respect her for our very innermost happinesschoose to stay in love and keep love in action even and especially through the greatest tests of your faith as love always without exception wins over all else and brings you an abundance of that many the more beautiful blessings that you’ll never know otherwise¬†– love is precious and love is there for you to have – keep it – the world needs your love together, it’s a blessing and an inspiration to all – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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