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god thank you for blessing me with rena, please tell her i love her

August 14, 2011

this is a day i first came to know in the same blazingly brilliant sun of the same august day in 1993, not the florida sun but rather in the rolling hills of pennsylvania – the musical stars somehow aligned that evening placing us at one of the greatest performances of the many dozens we’ve gleefully seen over these 19 years – as a birthday gift to my girlfriend rena we smiled sang and danced about to steely dan for more than 3 hours that evening – they were fantastic – being with her was heaven – that same harmony of timing played right into our favor 11 years later in downtown d.c. as we experienced another of her absolute favorites and also a musician’s musician as we watched and listened in awe of prince – he was fantastic and being with her was heaven all over again – all throughout the years celebrating rena’s birthday is always a moment i’ve taken pause to show her she is the absolute love of my life – sometimes it’s ‘i love you‘ with that special glint in my eye and the most heartfelt of embraces – and in the soul of it all of our being together these 19 years has been the gratitude to god for the blessing of her love for me – my life would be such an empty story without the unlimited happiness that became my world moving forward from that very night we met – she has given me hope when hope was not there – she has inspired me to overcome my fears of which there were many – she has held my hand when i was too upset with myself to realize how blessed i am – she has filled my mind with the greatest faith and encouragement when i wasn’t believing in myself – she has made me smile when i thought only of crying – when i was in my greatest depths of despair she made me want to go on living even when i didn’t have any idea of how life would ever be in my favor – when i thought i was blessed with the gift of being a kindhearted soul to my fellow man her generosity of spirit gave me inspiration to reach inside my heart even more deeply – when i acted as a child she gave me compassion to pick myself back up – when i’ve fallen down unexpectedly she reached out her hand – she showed me how to truly love myself – when we laugh we laugh with love – when we walk together all is right in my world – when we are just in the same room together i feel like the luckiest man ever to be alive – when she hurts i am in agony – when i’ve unwittingly upset her i feel like the worst failure ever to walk the earth – when i tell her i am sorry she accepts with all the grace of god and we heal and find happiness – when she says hi honey i feel a warmth in my heart – when we hold one another i never want to let go – when she calls me from a trip it’s the highlight of my day – when she says i love you and when i tell her i love her i feel the very same warmth overwhelm my heart – 15 years ago rena became my wife and all throughout the highs and lows she has always given me her every single ounce of love and understanding – god if i can only ever make just the one request the rest of my life it is that you hold on forever to your wonderful blessing of rena&me together for all of our days – you laid your hand on my soul and left it there the day we met for the first time – and for this i am forever grateful – have the happiest of birthdays rena, i love you completely and i am always here for you – thank you for being the most amazing wife and the best friend a man could ever be blessed with – thank you god for continuing to bless us – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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