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today god smiled a mile wide…

August 16, 2011

and it feels absolutely beyond amazing – how does someone put this feeling into words? – something i have prayed for for many months god smiled upon today and said it shall be done and love reigns supreme once again as it always does – the beauty of this all is it happens as it does for the greater happiness of others – this wasn’t for me even though it makes me exceptionally grateful – this was for 2 people in my life for which a tremendous love is there for them both, one as a very special member of the family and the other who is my family – not just yesterday my words flowing out of a great love found their way radiating into the world of the one who heard them and as well to the other one who absolutely felt them – the very same words after nearly 2 years of heartachingly quiet silence came into the world not even a day later from the one who didn’t hear them but definitely felt them and that is the elegance and grace of god and his love for us all when we have our hearts open to him – amazing isn’t he? – this is the essence of the life we cannot see but always can feel and forever be the even greater blessed by – the ever-present gratitude of love has become all that matters to me in this world in these past many weeks – in each and every day it’s becoming much more of a challenge to not see and feel this shimmering beauty in even the smallest of things and for me there was a time not long ago when i’d become very much blinded to all the love that has always filled my world – i saw it i felt it and i expressed it in so many ways every day nonetheless what i hadn’t been realizing is i was also unwittingly erasing my own blessings every time i was letting anything negative into my mind – i couldn’t know any other way as it’s what i was given, yet letting new light into my world has forever changed me and all that matters i say again is love – the more i feel love for the unendingly amazingly blessings in my life the more complete i feel to the very center of my soul – this is heaven and i choose it every day god blesses me with opening up my eyes once again – life seems to have some roads that suddenly seem to be unpaved and without a guard rail to be found for an edge that falls over a thousand feet to oblivion, doesn’t it? – fill in your own memories ongoing events and specters of a time to come as to that feeling – even better skip right over that and feel the love all around you and just smile – go ahead and smile just as long as you can and feel that love for yourself – all that matters yet isn’t there at the moment is simply from you not seeing the love – when you aren’t seeing it it stands to reason you aren’t feeling it yet love’s there – speaking plainly we all are excellent at developing our very own crippling blinders that we wear with the greatest cost to ourselves – how’s this solved?it’s one of the simplest solutions in life we just take them off and truly see once again with open eyes the unending and beautiful love that is right in front of us – look do you see her? – do you see him? – do you see that wonderfully shiny little key that opens your front door? – see the one that starts your car? – feel the one that opens your heart and know love greater than you were ever willing to beforemost likely that love’s already right at your side and always has been – see them?let god smile for you – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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