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the gift of helping a little one in need, both of them…

August 18, 2011

it’s always been a blessing i’ve been grateful to have in who god made me giving me the gift of compassion for all of his creatures from the mighty to the slightest of them all – to me i couldn’t feel any better in life than to be able to help an animal out when they can’t take care of themselves – in florida many a turtle have had sudden assistance crossing the road, some even have taken a trip in the rettinger taxi to the nearest pond – everyone from that furry little bat to the teeny tiniest of mockingbirds to this morning and that dear little soul of a sick kitty cat wailing just barely enough from deep under the patio at our friend valerie’s – and that was a mission i’d never undertaken as carefully dismantling lattice and then having at it with a fireman’s crawl to retrieve a little fuzzy kitty just isn’t something you’d likely see me in the midst of, yet her cries for help wouldn’t allow for anything but success so she could get to the doctor – she’s an outdoor kitty and her people are away in canada – as it was i didn’t even have reason to be there just less than a day before until our plan arose for a mail pickup & delivery – nonetheless i had a notion to call valerie and the call came back thankfully and the perfect meeting of time and place happened and that sweet little black&white kitty is now under the tlc of an excellent vet and will be for the week – so maybe to some it seems like a lot being made out of a little common cat – not for me as the reality of being there at just the right time for someone or something in their/its time of need shines a great light on my soul that will forever remain as another added golden thread from god for using the gift he so graciously put into my heart when they rolled me off the assembly line – it took me a very long time to realize that nothing else in life matters other than using his gifts every day at every turn where your heart meets your eyes – because of the unendingly loving care  and enlightenment so many have filled my world and my mind with these past many weeks i have been able to experience the exceptionally moving feeling of literally feeling my soul and hearing all that she has always been saying – this is the greatest gift we can ever recognize as it all just begins to happen with a grace elegance and ease that is truly astonishing and that much more the amazing as it can be felt and had everyday that we keep our life in the light – and that’s the light of the soul illuminating the mind to the only essence in life that has value – if you aren’t feeling this you simply aren’t on the right path, you aren’t on your path – by yourself and in the quiet clear your mind and begin to listen to her, to your beyond wonderful little unseen soul and she will tell you what you really should be doing if you ever want true happiness emanating from within and not the illusion of all the ‘fast fashion fake happiness’ that will ultimately be your downfall – where are you? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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