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something very good’s coming your way…

August 21, 2011

to me it seems to be the greatest opening for the greatest gain yet it’s all reliant one hundred percent on a feel – you know that feel – you can’t make that feel come as it just happens – yet it just happens all in the way you do or don’t master the self-designed manner to just be and to then be able to simply have – and that’s to have it – and that it’s exactly what you want in life as to who you are and what’s in your soul – everything we all seem to learn says you have to fight, fight it all to get something that really matters – well you know that fight’s one great illusion that’ll lead you down a bad path that’ll surely leave you at some point sooner or later feeling defeated empty and maybe god forbid just about out of life – and that’s a sad reality that absolutley never has to happen for us again if the light that came to me finds an opening in your mind just the same – and if you can embrace the idea that a little light’s good and a lotta light’s that much the better your life and your peace and the smile on your face will ever so steadily widen and become permanent, and that’s a permanent solution that we should all bask in more than once – happiness does not have to be fleeting – in fact it’s your god-given right to always have it – let it be said it’s simple yet it’s deceptive to comprehend how much of what we’ve ever learned as to the satisfaction of the soul is sadly and entirely wrong – imagine the outcome of another year of exactly where you are and it’s august 21st, 2012 and then imagine you start taking a step each and every day onto the path that you simply choose to have be your reality as to what is in your heart&soul as to who you really are and again it’s now august 21st, 2012 – how do you feel having already reached the date in your present situation? – and now how do you feel just the same having your soul back alive for 365 straight days? – where do you feel good? – do you feel possibly bad where you are in the present? – you now have the answer to life, to your life – if you already feel truly very good where you are on your present path than you got it you get it and you’ll keep on getting it, more power to you as you’re a shining beam of the light of natural success for all to take lead and inspiration from – that life and your life is there for the taking if you are simply ready to have it – what do you hear her saying? – can you even hear her at all? – for me it’s a reversal of so much i’d come to believe with being how it all works – and when you really reflect on the sense of the soul you’ll feel that warmth sweep over you – and then and right there you have it – that’s her that’s your soul and she’s still alive – what do you want to have? – so have it, it’s your time – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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