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one cool kid ‘skating’ in the summertime…

August 23, 2011

it’s the times like when you’ve just pulled into town after 900 miles and you’re a tad on the spent side when just the right words breathe sparkling life into your world – for me it was this past thursday as my little 9 year-old nephew jared ran co-pilot with me for the short trip from the restaurant where we all met back to his dad’s (and my brother’s) welcoming home – there we were in the 328 he loves because of the super-slick and rather stealthy cupholders that magically appear out from inside the dash and jared says to me 2 years since his last ride in the very same car ‘hey uncle g can you play that skating song for me, it’s my favorite’ – just a simple sentence asking about a short but elegant song from vince guaraldi & charlie brown from nearly 50 years ago and then 2 smiles connecting from 2 different generations from something from an era before either of us – these are the moments to imprint in your mind like you just hit the print key on the photosmart – thankfully i did just that without even thinking to do it as we listened for the next 3 minutes to one of the loveliest songs ever written about christmas – as we live in an astoundingly crass age of advertising where the words ‘it’s christmas in july’ are attached to some awful and soul-less campaign to only empty our wallets for a product we quite likely don’t need and that has absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of christmas well this was a moment that was all the opposite – this truly was for these few minutes christmas in the latter part of august in this case – it was beautiful – and it all came from the love of a child unaffected by the ways of the world that all but suffocate some of us as we fall into the world of big people – it’s been a blessing for me to have been seeing so much light that has come into my life this year as i was yet again by an entirely unexpected and overwhelming stress becoming blind to what really matters – that’s what happens when we feel we can handle everything that’s coming our way and that’s exactly what i thought what i felt and what i couldn’t do none of us ever can – if this moment from just the other evening had come this spring it would have possibly fallen tragically and quite so sadly by the wayside as i was in the midst of trying my absolute best with what i knew at the time to make new business happen for rena&me – it didn’t happen and can’t happen even when our best intentions are there if we are also under the gun at the time – and oh my god were we allowing that barrel to be trained right at ourselves – i didn’t know any better and we didn’t know any better – how can you see what you don’t know to look for until you let a little new light in? – thank god that’s what’s happened for me it’s allowed me to see it’s allowed me to beand to be gave me a christmas moment with little j this summer i’ll never forget – forever forward my eyes will always be truly open to see and feel all of the amazing blessings of life right when they happen – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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