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it’s a whippy dippy world…

August 25, 2011

having the gift of time to visit with the ‘little’ ones in the family brings along with it a blessing that arrives steadily and with shiny ribbon wrappings – there’s very little to nothing clouding their happiness as they’ve not come to the world of big people yet – that’s actually the daily mission in my mind to have the glow of all that’s good and great from the wonderful world of the still-golden minds of the little ones with just enough of a dash of big people wisdom – insert as many laughs as necessary here as i was already laughing at the notion of how little of that wisdom i sometimes seem to have yet more and more light’s making its way into me thankfully – so now it’s balance and that seemingly elusive peace of mind that comes with it – that’s the ticket to a day of elegance grace and ease – on day 1 this trip handed me a beautifully colorful and lovingly designed ‘chalkboard greeting’ from both the little niece and the little nephew right down to the finest detail from ava on her self-portrait’s shirt that included the ‘i heart vegas’ logo – as she’s only 5 that is absolutely hilarious – the next gift to fall from heaven was a deluxe crayon drawing from ava for me to take home – in this picture of us all there’s lots of design lots of thought and lots of love – it’s a message from the heart of a child that will forever be there to see and feel as the true blessing it is – next was little j’s unexpected and very generous offering to me of his mp3 player as he explained he knows how much i love music and how this model’s even more advanced than the one i already have and how he only needs the one he was already using before winning this one recently – that’s to me an exceptionally heartfelt gift that just doesn’t seem as if it’s even possible to come from the mind of a 9 year-old, but it did – that’s more than i’m comfortable accepting as i asked little j if he’d keep it for me in safe-keeping for when i visit and he happily smiled and said ‘definitely!’ – and then just yesterday we met at lunch a family friend with her precious little ones at her side and as the conversation flowed for several minutes with the big people i became the receiver of many ‘guess whats’ from little lauren and christopher – to their delights and mine as well they were able to share with me all about their new little puppy chloe and their toad max – with just the right questions coming thru me for them we all had a happy little tea-party of sorts that concluded in smiles all around and a lasting gift of yet another gem of well-designed crayon cacophony from little lauren to me which made me feel so blessed to be thought of in that way yet again – i awaken these days and do my best to recognize all that’s around that’s beautiful and all that can happen in just an instant as a ‘just because’ that can become a memory blessing for a lifetime this is the life happiness brings happiness – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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