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no more is it the faded & forgotten feeling of thank you…

August 27, 2011

every morning there’s an emptiness at that first moment where i can see light awaits the other side of my eyelids – it’s nobody’s fault this feeling’s there just ready to try to convince me that it just doesn’t make sense to give it any more effort – it’s an illusion of the mind that’s always there ready to shut us down and throw us out if we don’t have a clear idea of what’s happening – if i didn’t have the life-saving blessing of so many loving me in so many ways as so much new learning and healing’s also been steadily coming into my life i would likely be somewhere in the woods living with the squirrels, maybe even worse off than that – yet by the grace of god a message of love so great and overwhelming has found its way into my day even if it takes a few minutes for it to kick in so to speak – the gift that comes to me at this time and nowadays many times throughout the day is the simple and spirit-lifting act of just saying thank you – thank you to god for waking me up once again to find more ways to share with the world around me the abilities and exceptionally generous gifts he’s given me to help my fellow man, woman and man alike – thank you that i get to awaken with 3 souls of the kitty variety who are all very glad i am there to pet them and play with them – thank you that i get to awaken in perfect health for nearly 3 years now, not an ache, not even a glitch – thank you that there’s an amazing world of music many many hundreds of albums’ worth spanning the decades and from alpert to zebra and everything great in between to pick from for just that exact track or feel that i want to start my day with – thank you for the gift of having all of this music in my mind to where i don’t even have to look to know what and where as to what sounds get life once again to start the day by – thank you for a lovely view that always awaits behind the great curtains, a view of lovingly sculpted trees flowers and greenery made all the grander with 2 great cascading fountains in the ‘lake’ – that’s what i get to see every day right at the beginning – thank you for the vision feeling and belief of the even greater scene that awaits us in the coming months from the most adeptly-designed and almost a-framed masterpiece of a home overlooking a majestic view of trees and a beautiful lake just as my mind’s seen for many years now out west amongst the aspens – thank you for the life of the writer the speaker the helper and the philanthropers in finding happiness and inner peace for all those already in and for those alike connecting to our world seeking their day and their life in the sun – thank you for the many roads that carry us 5 along in an amazing golden traveling home that says prevost on the front and finishes at the very back with maybe x5 or even 4runner – that’s a tickle yet to fancy yet i say thanks a lot just the same – thank you for a life of visiting all of the family from washington to oregon to michigan to ohio to pennsylvania to new jersey and even all the way back in to florida – god thank you for the light of gratitude and the lead of love winning every time – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings yesterday today and those you can see and feel coming right down your line – live it as if it’s already your life and it shall be so ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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