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i absolutely love september…

August 30, 2011

it just appeared in an instant the picture of the extra step that’s always been an added plus to my life with the arrival of each september – i believe it’s from when i was 7 and we moved all the way cross country from a tiny town to a real metropolis as we made the fantastic leap from albany, oregon to churchville, pennsylvania just on the outskirts of philadelphia – this was the beginning of the golden era of my life and it lasted the first time for 3 and a half glorious years – this was a great time in my life where all was so wonderfully enhanced and for me it began that september in 1977 – this was the start of my first real fall where an ever so slight crispness began to run thru the days and even more so the evenings – the leaves took artistic flight to a time of brilliant colors that just sang to me – i made an entirely new set of friends in green valley and at my school which was just around the bend from the top of my neighborhood – and then came football season right at the start of the month which was very exciting for our family being from pittsburgh which meant we were very spoiled in getting to see the twice and fast on their way to being four-time superbowl champion steelers nearly every week even with being in philadelphia – this was a time when playing each day after school was that much more fun as the temperatures even to a kid became a lot friendlier for running around in – we played street hockey we played football we played basketball we played 500 with the baseball we ran our bikes from the very top of the hill sometimes all the way down to the bottom passing 3 streets including mine along the way – this was a time when i knew i’d get to stay up late for monday night football as my dad’s friends would all be over for his turn to host the party, that was really cool getting to be with the big people – oh yeah and then my mind managed to wrap around the idea that halloween thanksgiving my birthday christmas and wonderful snow days were all in sight – and it all happened for me in my mind at the moment the calendar said september 1st – somewhere in the life of big people i lost sight of this mechanism in my mind that so happily sets off at this time every year – i lost the simple brilliant & soul-lighting connection of instant happiness in my mind that came so naturally at such a young age – and now by the grace of god it’s come into my presence of being in these past few months of at times nearly overwhelming enlightenment that this was a choice that i was making in having september be the golden time for me – and given the precious and fleeting blessing life can sometimes seem to be i am again choosing to have ‘the mindset of september’ as of right now and all the way thru the coming 12 months year after year after year – september led me right to october and the 31st of that month in 1992 was the greatest blessing to ever come into my life – that’s when she said ‘my name’s rena and the smile in my soul and the love in my heart will forever be there because of it – may you feel september  no matter which month it is and keep it in your heart just the same – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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