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what a beautiful sight already on the way…

August 31, 2011

so as i ask myself not what’s on my mind but what’s the light inside my soul i see feel and hear and an answer just came in less time than i can even begin to describe – that’s been a far better way to take my steps these days as each time i’ve listened to the light instead of the astounding level of conversation that at times has taken over my mind i’ve found myself immediately and vastly far better off in a place where all is right – isn’t that amazing to get there in an instant? – for nearly all of my life i’ve never known this is the way it all works – that’s happiness that’s gratitude that’s love and they’re all in fact led by the soul and overwhelmingly felt when the mind completes the circuit so to speak – what i found this evening just minutes ago that began me on this story was simply looking down at my side both to the right and to the left and there they are – with a luxuriously comfortable bed well stationed blankets and quite an inviting couch all at their fancy these amazing cats of ours dancer comet and the little lovey of all loveys aspen are all right at my side laying on the floor as if i have some super-powered kitty magnet – it’s a sight to be seen and i’m grateful these days to have the calm and the love to notice what i might very well and tragically not have noticed with the same gratitude and vision to truly realize all the love that is and has always been there for me – this is one of those moments that really helps me realize it’s the little things that often are trying their best to smile at you yet so often we have our awakened minds rather quite asleep – ever notice your mind just seems to run you like a whip at the backside of an unwilling horse? – ever notice your mind seems to be almost floating just above you and nothing makes any sense for a brief spell? – yeah, neither one of those places are any good – that’s when we’re really missing out on all the splendor wonder and tenderness of the many magical moments in our daily lives – i’ve been learning seeing and now truly feeling all of the gathering light of love in my heart and in my world just by taking notice or being aware of what is right in front of me – it’s at once unbelievably difficult to actively let our minds live in the relaxed place we are all supposed to yet it’s also fascinatingly simple – the simple part’s coming with the building array of recent memories that are weaving many new golden threads into the fabric of my soul – and with this i have been ever so steadily becoming aware of what is in my heart&soul and where that is already taking me with the unity in my mind – days far lovelier and fulfilling than i have ever imagined are getting closer and closer with every added ounce of light&love i’m so happily letting into my world – that’s crystallized a vision i’ve spoken of for many years and i literally am beginning to feel what it’s like as if it’s already my every day – this is an amazing way to walk thru the day to your plan knowing you are already well on your way to arriving there and oh my god i say thank you – coming with me? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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