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writing just to write’s just alright with me…

September 3, 2011

and that’s the simple beauty of it all – it’s a sheer pleasure of a gift that sat quiet until just this year – yet now it’s up alive and fast-tracking my soul to the scene of my dreams – and that’s why we were all put here in this life – we’re here to run like the greatest of thoroughbreds with an unbridaled passion and a shimmering gleam for all to see and celebrate as we share our true gifts with the world – that’s the only time you’ll ever feel yourself alive – it seems for most of us and for most of the time that we all live in a way as if there’s a giant pair of invisible hands up there picking us up and dropping us down like we’re pawns in an endless game of drunken chess – think about it – as we step into another holiday weekend how much of what you’re setting off about to do has anything to do with what you really want to do and who you really are? – if you’re just waiting to get there for each and every minute upcoming and a happiness pervades you like the summertime sun in the western sky then you are doing it right – you’re radiating a love like no other that’s there for the sharing – all you have to do is simply see what this person’s doing in their day-to-day life then quiet your mind and close your eyes and ask her what is it you really want to be doing? – what’s the city in your heart that god mapped out for you on your day 1? – i’ll just bet you already know and everyone and their brother as well as that little red-caped dream-stealing bastard on your shoulder’s been telling you for your own good otherwise – do you still believe them all? – do you really want your life to count so you can truly live at the highest altitudes of happiness gratitude and love? – have you given up? – or is this once and for all the time for you to fly? – for me the skies are clear the instrument check’s a-ok and the flight plan’s all well-laid out in the vision of my mind – and it all came there on a rail from the soul – this feeling’s found me in a new and well-chosen discipline that’s already paying dividends directly into my very near future – there’s a great revelation that arose in me nearly 5 months ago that delivered at once a crystallized vision and an unseen hammer right to the back of the head – with the benefit of great enlightenment i choose to call this seemingly pointless pairing as a blessing far greater than i can even comprehend at this point as god’s telling me ‘i’ve got it just trust me all’s weller than well and your life in the sun’s already on the way and it’s greater than you could ever design and imagine’ – and what’s absolutely amazing is that i can see it and feel it beyond a shadow of a doubt – this is where i’m best – this is where i’m able to help my fellow man – this is what i’ll have – how about you? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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