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do you really want it? here’s the secret…

September 4, 2011

it all begins with the slightest of steps and then when you start taking them you absolutely have to keep walking that walk or you’ll slip – the beauty of it’s the aspect that if it’s coming from the inside or the very fabric of who you are, you know your soul, then it’s a path that’ll be golden in every way and with everyone in your life – and that’ll be evident in every way as you’ll bring smiles to all in your world, all of them – if that’s not the case you’re fighting your soul living someone else’s path unwittingly hurting those who love you the most and that’s a fight you’ll never ever truly win as your soul is the only one that is ever and always right, not your mind and not the best of intending people in your world – yet our minds and our influences can deceptively run riot in effect all the livelong day and it’s overwhelming at times –  think about it – if this isn’t really adding up to you that’s simple to solve as it’s just a matter of taking a pause from your world quieting your mind listening and seeking perspective from a wise soul you know will tell you what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear – and when you really take in what it is that’ll open your door you will have that smile a mile wide and realize all that already surrounds you and all the true love that’s there for you at every moment as love always wins – and this is simple as it’s truly a choice of strength – and this to many is very difficult because it’s possibly a coming 180 of going back to actually move forward – do you have it in you to really do what’s right for you and walk a path that most will live a life in fear of to their own worst detriment? – will you be that beacon of hope for all those that feel it’s hopeless and running’s the only remedy? – running’s denial – denial is fear – fear is the thief of your soul – is this where you tread the swift and unsteady waters of life because everyone else says ‘come in here with me it’s great, trust me’? – or are you the light for those who are in the dark and desperately hoping without a vision? – there’s an element that most of us have never been made aware of that’s the secret to your soul and it’s a four-letter word, in fact it’s 2 four-letter words – have & love – having love in every space of your day awakens you leads you and puts you back to rest with that elusive elegance & ease we all seek – and then there’s the concept and philosophy and for me reality that we can simply have what we choose to have in life – never knowing that previously’s kept me grasping and crying far too many times as i just didn’t get it – so here it is for me – understanding the simplicity and truth of the power and gift of love and the vision feeling and reality to have has given me an emerging and  grand new happiness that i know beyond hesitation’s the one and only path we should ever be on – i’m getting there and planning on staying – a toast to enlightenment and i ask who’s coming along? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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