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the energy of emotion and the elation of action…

September 5, 2011

that’s it that’s what you do – what’s it? – when you find yourself at a time when overwhelming feelings are swiftly sweeping you away and you feel nearly helpless there’s only one way to save yourself – and that one way is reaching out reaching up having the faith to have and walking on – walking on’s not necessarily what it sounds like either – it’s not walking away and it’s not walking in wonderland just the same – what walking on is is walking onto the path that’s going to open you up to being who you need to become – that’s the walk that’s the way to your greatest happiness even when happiness seems a world away and only for others – i’m coming to realize this is god’s way of helping me become everything he intended for me to become and if i have to do it alone there’s a reason for that and only goodness and fulfillment await in the light at the other end of the path – encouraging words like these come with simplicity as emotional pain’s just not possible to shut off and cast away and is in fact absolutely excruciating at times with hopelessness seemingly the only space that can be seen – if more agonizing words were to follow right here we all would agree that a bad feeling would start to take us over – yet just the same with words of happiness gratitude love positivity and blessing as the chosen feelings we all would agree that the further flow of these words can literally at once rise us off the floor and into motion and into action whereby we will start to sweep ourselves into a flow and a light where we continue to feel good – others notice it and add to it and thereby help us to come to that far better place god wants us to be in all that much the faster with that exceptionally gratifying feeling of elegance & ease i so often speak of – so it comes down to a choice once again like it always is – we can choose to fall to our knees and feel as the failure we are not but nonetheless feel bad – or we can choose to rise up and take notice of all the good we are in this world and all we have been blessed with and all those who are a blessing to us and say thank you – we can choose to keep this as the only slide that we’ll allow in our imagination and we can simply then have all the good that does and has to come to us by the law of love & attraction – there’s that old saying about having a good cry and when it comes down to it that seems to have some gravity to it yet we cannot and do not have to let it be a go-to as it’ll end up being a go-down as in down with our backs on the floor – so for me i say give it to god get up and tell yourself and all who’ll listen of your great gratitude for all the many blessings in your life and get ready to have it all arrive to your grandest delight – you decide so make it a good one alright? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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