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the list of leading life in a well-led fashion…

September 7, 2011

^the top 11 list that leads me to feel the greatest of love see the softest of the soul and have every happiness i can imagine^

*1 the vision in your eyes is only ever of any value when what you see is connected to your heart, see with grace

*2 the instruction manual for your happiness in life can be easily read when you close your eyes and quiet your mind, listen to it

*3 the visible shine of your soul will be forever fueled by all those around you, always be exactly the exceptional goodness you are

*4 if every little thing is in its place you win an award that is useless to all, choose what each minute means with ease

*5 every day having gratitude for every one and every thing good great and blessed in your life is the blood of happiness, be full of it

*6 if it’s in your heart and your nikes wheels or wings can take you there don’t wait another minute, get up and go

*7 if only one of your friends understands what you are saying you’re quite likely just about to step on to your golden path, walk on

*8 when god’s grace is at your side with the one you love love them unconditionally as the king or queen they are, be in love

*9 take every dollar you can and invest it in your fellow man, teach the world to sing in that perfect harmony

*10 nearly everything someone tells you to do between 20 and 40 do the opposite, listen only to your soul as she’s always right

*11 know what you can see you can feel and with unending happiness gratitude and love you will have, live your dream

wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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