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the happy sight of a fall jacket travels far…

September 8, 2011

in the beginning of what’s already seen as the official start of fall it’s the simple things that begin to paint the picture of a greater content in my mind and that’s as martha says a very good thing – there’s all too much at every turn that’s everything the opposite so to have an assist or a lift up to a far better place to live in each day is well more than welcome – so i say in this time where nearly 90’s the call for the high today where i am to me it’s far more beautiful being instantly taken away to the north where this morning the sun’s shining and they all happily have coats on in green bay – just the thought of the temperature somewhere in the 40’s or 50’s gives me both cause to hope for the same to come soon to where we are and another added degree or two or maybe more to the notion of that’s where i need to be and that’s where the path is heading – not necessarily to green bay yet to the north where the seasons offer balance – and it’s balance that we all need – with balance comes a natural stride that leads my way happily through the day, without it there’s just something missing that can’t be replaced or filled-in with anything else – the same without change for too much of our time isn’t the way to live for me – in fact it just isn’t possible – that’s why we’ve always changed our scenery so often walking in different areas, that’s why we’ve always set off on as many daytrips weekend getaways and roadtrips to many points and places far more often than most would – it’s been our way of keeping the scenery as lively as possible – until recently we were both all over the place together in our work which in many ways was quite fulfilling – grand rapids in a snowstorm in january check – that was excellent – finishing a ‘workday’ at the ritz carlton in the hovington lounge in new orleans last summer – that was perfect – walking up and down king street any day of the year in charleston even in the stifling heat i’ll take it – well that chapter for me’s in the book at this point and that’s a-ok – it’s a-ok because i know in all my heart & vision a new set of beautiful scenes are very close by just awaiting to be stepped into – and with each scene’s the included bonus that that place is right where i’m supposed to be at that time as people are greeting me with happiness that i’m there to share in what i’ve been given and to help them find exactly what it is they are seeking to seal the smile in their soul – and that’s the simple beauty of the happy side of the mind – it’s amazing for me to speed along this path all from the sight of someone in a jacket in the early fall weather this morning hundreds and hundreds of miles away from me – distance is what we allow it to be – it’s either close or far or if you can imagine and see it maybe it’s so far away it’s right in front of you – that’s where i find myself right now and i’m not looking back – may you begin to find your happiness right in front of you just the same – if i can help you just say the word – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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