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the fall of ’78 was fantastic as i seem to recall…

September 9, 2011

this was a time for me of great discovery in a new place that started out as where i came from, pennsylvania – it was the fall of 1978 in philadelphia and it was amazing – having just finished a final weekend at the shore we returned with the new school year all ready to go – and it did and just weeks into it maybe very late september or early october there was even a very unusual early snow and that for me was absolutely magical – rarely had i seen snow in my first years in oregon so any time it fell for me was just perfect – right near the very same time dad had a fantastic plan as he set up a weekend trip for us all to see the fall colors – that kind of made sense to me and what really sounded excellent was that we were going on another trip! – if i recall we even got to be away an extra day from school on that friday – dad and mom got everything all arranged and packed-up in the station wagon and that morning we headed off to another adventure – i was always fascinated with maps as a kid from the many many roadtrips we made so remembering the way we went is still in my mind all these years later – we wound our way out of bucks county at some point over into new jersey and before we knew it we went straight thru the big apple which was spellbinding to me seeing such a gigantic city that seemed to go on and on and on – and then came the part of the trip that i really began to become in awe of and that was the way out of connecticut and into massachusetts – what was so exceptional was that dad had found a route different than the sameness that the highways so often seemed to offer up – instead he took us along winding up and down country roads that in so many ways felt like we were on a cross-country adventure because they just seemed to never end and that was just perfect as well – it was on these roads when i understood all at once why dad took us on this trip – it was all the amazing leaves on so many different trees that had so many colors and it was just beautiful – this was what dad wanted to show us so we’d always realize that the world is a beautiful place and sometimes it’s the best we can do with our time to simply walk along drive about or even just stand there and look at it – for this reason and the many more i’ve written of in recent days fall for me is a time of splendor reflection and inspiration – if you live in an area where these colors are on display take it in and let the beauty of it all take you over, if you aren’t in an area with this wonder of nature take dad’s lead from the fall of ’78 and take yourself or even better your family on your own winding trip through the woods and fill your minds with all the free wonder and happiness you like – life is beautiful, take a look – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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