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a day that reveals the fabric of who we are and who we can be…

September 11, 2011

in a setting earlier today i sat for a brief time to see the nfl begin chapter 1 of the 2011 season – typically it’d just be an exciting time for the sake of enjoying the sometimes stratospheric efforts of professional athletes – today it was entirely different – in a venue where i’ve enjoyed quite a number of games in the past few years with rena with friends and with family alike today it all changed – i wasn’t sure if i’d even go today as the gleam of earlier days wasn’t here on this one – yet i’m very glad i did go out as something i’ve never experienced happened – as we’re right on the day ten years after an american tragedy that woke up the world the beginning of the season all across the league was marked with a reverent reflection in song honoring the fallen from that day – and all at once an entire gathering of hundreds of fans in a very loud sports bar fell silent – everyone showed their respect – it was a fleeting but fascinating and reassuring feeling that we are a country truly united as americans and as a land of people who are good do good and want good for others – this was a moment i’ll never forget and for which i’m glad i witnessed and felt so as to add a new and meaningful thread to the story of that world-changing day ten years ago – what came after with the games was for me this time around interesting to look at but just didn’t really matter in the way it once did any longer – as anyone who may take a glance at these pages from time to time’s likely well aware of i’ve been in the midst of a season of great personal and spiritual remodeling this year and even more so these past few months – this has been and continues to be a time when my rough edges have served to give me the strength to admit my mistakes and offer the sincerest of apologies for not knowing better and to make up in every way i possibly can to the one in my life who means the absolute very most to me – this is a time that is serving as a blessing as an overwhelming enlightenment has shined into my mind as i learn to become a far better person than i ever knew i could become – on january 1st i couldn’t have imagined this year would be developing as it is – from unexpected anguish to great happiness to a time of uncertainty and depression to an awakening from my soul from god above and from the single worst night i have ever experienced – and now into a time of ever-present revelation these 8 months and 2 days have been the initial steps in the manifestation of the dream that’s always been in me for a time of amazing new fulfillment and togetherness – fall is a wonder in my mind football’s just a game that’s played and the faith vision and feeling of all i have ever wanted about to arrive is truly moving and magical – let this day of reflection allow you to measure what really matters in life – see where you are love the one you’re with and envision the ecstasy of all you can choose to have – just be – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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