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only with love do i feel anything at all and everything that is…

September 11, 2011

even in the quietest moments and now that i let it come to me again only in the quietest moments can i really notice and feel all the love that’s there all around us – as i was just simply and thankfully mindlessly walking just minutes ago i looked up as if directed from above and on a 2nd story window sill sat 4 letters spelling out L O V E – and in that instant my very sense of being started to feel so much better than i had been before that moment – just seeing the word L O V E re-engaged everything in my heart and everything i’ve been learning as to love being the one and only essence in life – without it or even without enough of it we suffer and there’s just no 2 ways about it – whereas with love and with an abundance of it we are able to be and stay in a place that defines for me elegant grace – and the amazing thing is we can choose to feel love all in that one instant – when we make that choice somehow for me a gentle smile sets upon my face – and when that happens those around me can’t help but notice and when they do they feel that goodness or even love just the same and respond to me with kindness even when it’s people i have never seen before – i’ve been learning of this amazing unending and unlimited force or power that love has to change our worlds and i’ve even been experiencing it and thank god for that – there was a time and a place when i felt so secure with all the love in my life that i couldn’t help but carry about smiling almost all the time – yes there were those times of breakdown when a misunderstood connection also existed in my mind that allowed me to feel taken advantage of which unwittingly caused me to empty my entire reserves of love all at once and become redirected completely to my deficit in getting upset that someone was taking advantage of meno one has ever taken advantage of me i just didn’t know how to think any better and now thank god i do – it’s just what was programmed into me as a kid and i had no choice in the matter and never realized i could learn to rewrite a far greater and actually productive and healthful program keeping happiness gratitude and love always at the top of my mind – and voila it’s now up and running – that was then and this is now and thank god for the enlightenment that has turned my life headed in just the right direction – i’ve learned nothing we see means anything until we decide in our minds just how we want to label it and as a direct result this amazing sense of balance and zen so-to-speak has taken me over and for the past many months there is nothing that causes me to assign the feeling of being upset or angry – what’s been that much more the wonderful is there is no one that can draw that emotion to life in me either – i have been given many amazingly liberating secrets to life in what i have been learning and the benefit has been immediate and wide-reaching in my life – yes i am every bit as human as the rest of us and yes those deceptively subtle and potentially powerful emotions of negativity from complacency all the way across to self-pity want to take hold and say ‘it’s my turn here we go’ and yes i even momentarily can and do give in – however these times are few and far between – nowadays all manners of love are shining their way into my heart my soul and my mind and it works in an instant simply by keeping our minds as quiet as we can listening to that whisper that’s always there from our soul and leaving our eyes open to it alllet it in for love always wins – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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