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steady & ready, stay in the light…

September 13, 2011

there’s a peace in life so many seem to be searching for yet so few seem to ever find – just take a look around as it’s all over every which way we turn – and what it is is that frenetic fast-edit pace so many seem to mindlessly run about in – demands are chosen actions are chosen and many times they’re all out of whack – there’s only so much that’s necessary to living a truly fulfilling life yet leave our ears tuned away from that precious and whispering soul of ours and we’ll find our way to be rudderless and without any brakes – added to the lack of listening are our far too often eyes of blinded reality as we see all the rampant and rancid imagery that attempts and so often captures and literally steals away our very vitality and vision both internally and externally – the world’s absolutely inundated in this mega-modern age we live in with visuals that empty us of our better and best possibilities of who we can be for ourselves and for the greater good of our fellow man – what it comes down to is learning everything we must no matter how much effort and dedication it takes so we can protect the prosperity and very psychological soundness of our minds in the critical necessity of staying connected to our souls – this bond’s been put forth before in these pages yet let it be said again that there is but one way to know you are on your path and you are opening and maybe have already gone through your door – and that only can and does come from having the soul and the mind in natural harmony aligned together – and you’ll know it quite simply so – here’s what you do to find out if you don’t already know – take any decision you made or any one you’re about to make and ask yourself did you have to convince yourself to make this decision? – if you did your mind has woefully mislead you – the mind wants to feel it always knows best when in fact it rarely if ever does –

heard of intuition? – of course you have and what that is quite simply is knowing without thinking – intuition comes from the soul and the soul and only the soul is ever right for the soul doesn’t have to filter through misguided emotional pressure that may be way off kilter – and unfortunately that’s not an uncommon state for a lot of us, it’s happened to me 2 times before, one of those being a very bad and troubling time – and let it be said i didn’t do anything that made sense and everyone around me knew it except for me, it took 7 months in the dark and then the help i needed amazingly appeared right in front of me with an exceptionally talented new friend who just happened to be an accomplished dr. of the mind and of the soul as well – well that’s what happened to me that allowed me to find peace clarity and compassion once again and because of it now i’ve been given a great gift in seeing others in need then recognizing what is happening and knowing how to lead them onto a healthy path once again –

as for intuition’s other side that’s when your mind keeps telling you ‘come on just do this everyone else is’ and they’re all telling you ‘you have to it’s the right thing to do it’ll all be great just trust me’ – and when we here this enough it can compromise a lot of us and if we’re already in the throws of stress or worse yet feeling our world’s been absolutely torn apart than this decision seems like it just has to be made even when you don’t necessarily want to make that decision – and that’s just flat out bad wrong and will devastate you and you won’t know it at first and maybe for many months as it took methis is called fighting the soul – could anything feel worse than to be suffocating yourself? – please listen to me and don’t do as i once did – save your very essence and only ever follow your soulletting in the light allows the soul to breathe to be felt and to be heard all that much the louder yet remember all she can ever get up to is a gentle whisper – so ask yourself are you steady? – are you ready to have all god intends for you? – does a world full of fast-swinging invisible and very negative pendulums sweep you up steal your soul and use you without a care as to where you end up? – do you have any of those caring angry ‘friends’ that are using you just the same all the while with a smile hiding a conniving self-serving sentiment? – you sure? – they’re very hard to see at first – or do you lead your life from the single greatest source of vision wisdom and strength that lies within your soul thanks to god? – who are you listening to? – why? – ready for the truly happy life? – tune out everything bad and all those who don’t really love you and don’t truly know you and tune in to the song in your soul that always leads you to the right place every single time – get out of your own way thrive smile deeply and just be – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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