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days like these are…

September 14, 2011

exactly what we want them to be – you me and oh yeah even you! – so just what are they for you? – i’ve just had a great revelation of sorts as i reflect on the tone and the tenor of many recent days and weeks for me and it somehow just came to me that every day i’ve had has gone at about just the same speed as reflected by the width of my smile and the love shining from my soul – and to that means i’ve gotten what i’ve given – that’s what we’ve always heard right? – you get what you give – i’m by leaps and bounds far more grateful than i’ve ever been in my life thanks to the unexpected hidden blessing of this year and with this greater gratitude i’m rededicating myself to fully sharing the gifts god’s given me – having been blessed with an ever-present inner grace and warmth for bonding with people’s always been a joy for me that’s just flowed and freely at that, just like mom and nana – as i touched on the other day i was also hindered with a sensitivity that allowed me to feel taken advantage of – thankfully it’s an overwhelmingly happy moment to have gotten to now having an enlightened understanding of the uselessness and greatly damaging aspects of that sensitivity – what’s greater is it’s all but gone – sometimes we can change especially when we choose to and the beauty of  it all is that change can allow for our greatest gifts and qualities to absolutely flourish fly and shine with a gleaming brilliance unlike they’ve ever taken on before – these are the days i’m excited for – these are the days of my best self – these are the days of my greatest service – these are the days of my greatest and highest use and benefit to all those around me even more so to the ones i am so blessed to have their love in my lifewhat if every day from here forward is even far better and that much more astonishingly amazing than i could ever put into words? – what if my dream to help as many people in the world as possible to reconnect with their souls in finding their life’s purpose and their highest fulfillment ends up being just the beginning? – what if the stages at conferences and colleges become far too small and only stadiums become the most beneficial way to share these gifts? – what if aspen’s not exactly the perfect location because there’s somewhere even better? – what if the picture brings everything the opposite of what everyone on the outside looking in at us sees and an inspiration and story carries far and wide helping many people that thought they were out of hope? – what if just because i’ve written these words they already exist in the spiritual and the mental planes and all i have to do now is imagine feel and act in accordance with everything i see for it all to arrive? – for me that’s not a question as i believe that’s exactly what already is with just a ‘shipping date’ yet to be selected – days like these are life giving love and love giving me my greatest life right now and in the days weeks and months to comelive life with the luster of blinding love and we all win – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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