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the cat who wrote a story…

September 15, 2011

you know it’s quite amazing at times just how supportive our friends can be who don’t speak english or for that matter any language we can really hear yet we can make perfect sense of – and that’s because of the exceptional way love’s expressed by our jumping and astoundingly skittish companions we call cats – just minutes ago the bologny-hound of the 3 of them felt it was the right thing to do escorting me each step of the way to the crafting of a latter-evening half-sandwich snack that took the significant blending of carefully chosen ingredients known as white bread mayo and bologny yeah with a y that’s how i learned to say it! – anyway as this in-depth process began the giant one we call bear or comet came straight to the hydrator drawer gave his nose-twinkling approval that i’d found a good kill to get out and display on the counter – next he sat faithfully by my calves as the unveiling of the bologny came to be and wow once the bag was opened up up my leg he went gently yet swiftly and said ‘hey thanks a million for getting out my favorite poppa!’ – so with a meeting of the minds comet got his take examined it for maybe 2 and a half seconds and gone it went – thankfully the final decoration of this gourmet selection took only about 15 seconds with a slice of the cheese block and a scatter of some butter pretzels and by the time it was all done comet had only managed to scale my leg just the one more time which was great as the claws of life aren’t an ender but yikes it’s a devilishly needling grip nonetheless – but you know that’s a-ok as this cat’s got enough love to fill a lion and that’s a beautiful thing – next was the trip to the living room with my hard-earned bologny masterpiece in hand as the evening carried on to the next page of endeavors to keep us movin’ on up with our plan – and this was rather exceptional for this go-around with sandwich observation as comet sat like the best of guard dogs without an ounce of ground being crossed – there he sat for the entire 2 minutes it took for me to inhale my plate – what came next is where i should have a picture with this story as comet waited until i finished and then jumped up right aside the laptop sat down then laid down and stretched-out with his mitts across the side of the keyboard and i could hear him saying “thanks for being here for us thanks for the treat thanks for loving us so much now get your fingers tapping and write me a nice story!” – so in the spirit of seeing that love really is right in front of us god kept my eyes open and my soul listening and a cat a special cat one rena so lovingly rescued from starvation and abandonment when he was just a tiny little wee one of a fuzzball all the way back on july 4th of 2000 did the impossible and wrote a story – thanks for the lovely words comet, you’re a real pal – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF ~

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