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i felt my soul on 11 today…

September 17, 2011

and it was amazing – i’ll absolutely never veer off this track ever again for this feeling’s far too vital to be without it – some nice new friend asked me a simple question today and it came to me as ‘what’s the single best concert i’ve ever seen?’ and i could only answer with 1 name yet 2 stories unveiled themselves for 3 distinct reasons – witnessing perfection in action is one of the rarest acts we can ever hope to see and feel for god willing if and when you do you will never be the same you will be forever grateful and a smile unlike any other will be permanently etched into your mind as a parting gift – straight up there they are 3 compelling affects with an overwhelming and lasting light you’ll always have shining somewhere in your mind like a beam of happiness that can always and forever be found at just an instant’s recall – the 2 stories come from completely unrelated parts of the world – one from the bottom of the world in brazil and the other from merry old england – first many years ago there we were rena uncle jerry aunt randi little amanda and myself all awaiting to begin a trip thru the vaunted andy warhol museum in pittsburgh – as we stood in the very large lobby with dozens and dozens of other people eager to explore the several floors of this new and highly engaging museum we noticed a sound – not any sound but a subtle gentle and beautiful array of voices at almost a whisper – being ever-curious when it comes to all things musical uncle j and i scanned the room for speakers as this beautiful sound began to emanate with a greater presence – we could see nothing not even the smallest of speakers nothing in the ceiling yet there it was an inescapably elegant and gathering sound as if we were in carnegie hall listening to the most beautiful choir – as we continued to wonder and give a gaze here and a glance there we noticed all at once two very long opposing low-profile leather couches – they must have been 25 feet in length – what we saw next were all the people looking unlike us as they sat all together with their wonderfully ‘tan’ complexions taking up both couches and there ‘it’ was – there was the source of this amazing sound as we discovered what turned out to be a highly touted brazilian chamber choir that was in town to perform at heinz hall – they were simply ‘warming up’ – and it was one of the most moving experiences i have ever had – in fact it moved me and rena and uncle jerry all to tears as we realized without even thinking about it that we were in the midst of perfection – what a nearly unbelievable experience we’ll all never forget – and the 2nd experience with the 1 name i do know in this story is jeff beck – oh my god brilliance sheer brilliance – this is what life is all about – jeff is a master – he is the most consummate musicians’ musician – the 1975 masterpiece ‘diamond dust’ as played the night i saw him just earlier this year was stunning beyond any further words – for me it was again tears from the corners of my eyes as for a second time now i was witnessing the perfection of artistic expression in action – there is nothing like it – capture every moment you canlive for the beauty of it all and give us your gift – it just might move someone to tears – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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