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what if faith…

September 18, 2011

allows you to realize everything you ever wanted and dreamed of if all you had to do was keep it? – that’s never wavering never doubting never complaining never letting go of patience – what if it’s really possible that’s all we have to do and then everything just happens as we’ve seen it in our minds? – how long have you ever kept your faith when it really counts? – what has that felt like? – and how many of all those you know and love gave up way before you ever thought they would to the point your unending faith makes you unusual? – this is a world where faith is even more invisible than invisible as every single thing seems to just be there for the taking – this is a world where the many follow the few and it seems a lot of those few don’t really have any well-meaning intentions for those many who follow yet it sure can feel like they do – this is the ‘illusion of lipsticked misery’ – ever felt taken in? – doesn’t feel good when you actually realize it does it? – doesn’t add up that your standing on someone else’s path and there’s nothing awaiting you there that’s good or yours – it’s there’s and you’re best to let it be for them and gently walk back onto the road where you can actually see – you know the road where someone’s not smiling seemingly innocent enough yet full of manipulative deceit – yes yes yes these are mighty heavy words to bandy about yet it’s the stark reality of what a lack of faith holds for each and every one of us – fail to follow our own best senses as led from the perfection of within our soul and we are left to the wayward designs of our fellow failed and flawed manthis is where we must ask ourselves why would we ever give ourselves over to those we barely even know and to those who don’t love us to and to those who are overflowing with their own worst fears and sweeping shadows of ‘laughing bitterness’ and negativity? – are those items on a resume that’ll lead you to read further? – yeah me neither – so then why is this what so many of us do every day to our own worst detriment? – because it feels easy and ‘they understand what i’m feeling’ right? – right and so sadly as wrong as we could ever bethis is the crossroad where with truly open eyes we have the opportunity to believe – to believe in ourselves – to believe in the wisdom of seeking those with great faith and walking away from those that have a solution for you – they don’t and you can’t see it yet you can when faith is in tact – have faith in yourself faith in god faith in your vision and your feeling of where you know you will arrive – this is all that matters – and you’ll only ever get that which has any meaning in your life in just that way by having keeping and sharing in your faith and the power of it – have faith in god and that all is well and all of merit and true meaning in your life is well on its way to arriving – it’s just faith so keep it and live life just exactly as you see and feel itbe there inspiration – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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