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love angels & butterflies, got it all?…get it all!

September 20, 2011

i’m having the blessing of seeing my life in a far better light with ever so precious golden threads of developing perspective of the invaluable essence of being at peace with myself and all of the world around me – this wasn’t something that i had in my circuits as they became unarranged to a self-defeating degree somewhere in the early years – i knew something wasn’t right at times of anxiety yet i had no clear feeling that that was really anything of true concern – i like most of us gave in to the crushing false belief of ‘that’s just how i am’ and that’s a phrase that’s in effect an absolute curse on our very well-being – more so than that it’s a slow & steady self-devastation we bring upon ourselves not even realizing we’re doing it until we wake up the watcher within and become an ‘observing player in life’ as opposed to a ‘reacting drowning man’ so to speak – where are you at at this point? – as a person always wanting to learn how to better be i’ve actually faced my greatest fears this year from 2 unexpected events that i know in all my heart both have silver linings and even greater happiness arriving with all of the wonder elegance and amazing grace of god – that’s a revelation of fulfillment i never had any hope or true faith could ever happen for me as i’ve always thought some people are just lucky and for some reason that wasn’t me – learning and heeding the lesson of my life that love is truly all that matters and that unconditional love is both exceptional and rare has redesigned and renewed my heart with only the gentlest of nature in having compassion for all whom i see and for all whom i think of no matter where they are – judgment is a word that isn’t understood in my mind any longer for i am a restored soul that sees only the best in those in my world and those in my lifegot angels? – no matter how you answer this please know beyond a shadow of a doubt we all have angels and that it’s just a matter of quieting our minds and keeping a pace that’s natural and a heart that’s open and on-guard to see these amazing guides – can you see them? –  i do every day many times and when i do i smile a hello and a thank you to them each and every time without fail as i feel they really appreciate me noticing them and what they are doing for me even when i’m not really sure exactly what that is – they’re there everywhere all throughout the day with an astonishingly loving frequency – and again just a moment ago inside this very story as a glance at the bose wave displayed 444 on the track timer for an asia song called quite serendipitously enough ‘light the way’ – now that’s an angel laughing with a wink of gratitude! – 111 1111 222 333 444 555 and now it’s all coming in moments of the sweetest and softest of flight just the same – i’ve always had a fascination with the simple and majestic life and flight of butterflies and just recently i now know why and it came to me in an instant of clarifying fascination right from my soul – every time i see one now my mind effortlessly lets go with only my soul left to lead and all at once i feel the presence of all the love in the world and all of the angels above and around me and i know right there and then to keep letting faith and the fancy of my god-given gifts set my sail – i’m hearing her i’m seeing her i’m feeling it all and the beautiful and brilliant path is appearing step by step and day by day – listen and see your love your angels and your butterflies and lead the life you feel from the very depths of your soul – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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