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when there’s not a choice just choose anyway…

September 22, 2011

we all have those times in life where it seems all we can do is accept someone else’s choice and depending on what that it is it can be paralyzingly anguishing or just maybe not what you had in mind – nonetheless what i’ve come to learn for these times is a mindset that can be developed or just called upon if you are one of the lucky ones who was prepped that way so you showed up to the world of big people with a soft and unseen veneer that’s also as solid as steel – well that definitely wasn’t me then or even all that much until recently – yet i’ve been learning there’s a secret to this and it’s realizing the way people and the world really work – and typically it’s for themselves even though there are times when someone doesn’t and even can’t realize this is where all of their vision is coming from – but that’s ok in fact it’s a-ok and god bless them just the same – it’s a-ok because there’s a way to always have your way even as you go right along with another’s plan – and it’s all in the mindset – it’s all in what you first decide to think and then critically important right along with that is feeling the feeling that serves you best – and that’s both a trick and simple because it’s what we all know how to do as it’s just deciding to feel good – we have 3 selections or choices with every single thing we do all the live long day and day after day – first we can decide ‘this is bad i don’t like it i’m not going to do it’ – next we can decide ‘this is bad i better do it’ and we do and we feel bad – and then there’s the 3rd and only way that serves us any good and all good yet it takes consistent effort as i’ve been learning and that’s to see what it is and decide ‘this is good i accept it’ and voila’ we feel good – i’ve found with me it’s taken repetition and then a true acceptance and good feeling has steadily set in as each day brings the many opportunities to make the 3 choices – i’m not superman i’m not fantasticman i’m balancedman – and with the choosing of #3 this is now the first time i’ve ever found in my life where i’m able to consistently develop and not feel the fire at my feet – and that’s the place to be for me as it’s given me the ability and the compassion to let what doesn’t make sense and can hand me only hurt to instead pass on thru me or by me – it’s given me the choice to choose to live in my mind in happiness at every turn – yet let it be said like everything in life worth experiencing this takes a resolution to commit yourself to happiness – and with the way many of us were raised and with the way many of us give in to the tremendously awful network of suffocating negativity that fills far too much space in every direction we head in today’s society along with the just as far too many ‘smiling friendly (angry)’ people who want company in their land of misery it must be said that this choice can seem impossible – yet it isn’thave faith – try it once and keep on going with every little every so so and every giant event and experience and choice that comes your way – try it for just a day – i dare you to try it for a lifetime it’s the way better way – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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