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the value of cranking it up to 11!…

September 24, 2011

sometimes this is exactly what life and a moment calls for – an excellent song turned-up with the v past high at 11 – this is a place that when all else isn’t quite where you want it in your mind then it might just be the perfect fix to shut yourself up shut your mind down then crank it up with the music – for me music’s always been the sweetest language where there’s no going wrong there’s no explaining and there’s no limit on elevated satisfaction that can border on and even set in on ecstasy at times – all from a song – one that took me there just a bit earlier for a variety of reasons that could write a book is a lost classic from the early 1980’s from flock of seagulls called ‘space age love song’ – if you’ve never heard it it’s a masterpiece, if you haven’t heard it in ages get it on – it’s as captivating entrancing and pulsating as it gets – it’s a song that truly brings you inside of it where you as yourself doesn’t exist any more and it’s just the song and your soul – go ahead and try it but wait for just the right time when you really need an escape and when you do you’ll see this is your door – another track that’ll completely take you away that possibly very few of you will know yet some will and those of you who do will likely say ‘oh my god i haven’t heard that in ages’ is the brilliant and driving 70’s track titled ebony eyes by the one-time fleetwood mac key named bob welch – it’s a track that’ll lift your gratitude for the one you love the most in your life and if there’s not one at the time the feeling you’ll reach inside will help lead you to that love as surely as the sun sends the light – if you’re already connected in this kind of way through the only one true language the world has in music then you’re likely already smiling maybe even listening and if not oh you’re missing out! – and here’s one more track to tempt you with – let’s stay in the amazing world of the 1970’s opening the page this time to an amazing band called player and their masterpiece titled ‘baby come back’ and when you get to the falsetto & crescendo at the 2:49 mark tell me if a tear doesn’t find the corner of your eye – this is heartachingly longing emotion at it’s absolutely purest – so there it is the tonic for all that ails you (kinda!) – just a perfect song some excellent speakers and the volume up at ‘flying’ – when you go ahead and lose it for a bit that’s where you’ll find you might just get it all back – set her free inside only the best of rock’n’roll – wishing you vision wisdom strength the finest of song and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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