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i asked for directions and they’ve arrived…

September 28, 2011

in all i’ve been learning this year in this by far single greatest period of enlightenment and maturity i’ve ever experienced i’ve also gained the ability to allow the seemingly impossible to become reality and it does and it is amazing – sometimes it’s not yet with crystal-clarity yet it’s very readily apparent just the same – as i’ve been directing my steps every day now in the direction of and actually onto my path of sharing the gifts god placed in me the vision of what’s to be for me is coming into sight to the point of which i know it’s already all happening the wheels of creation are definitely a turnin’ so to speak and the feeling inside me’s getting more and more palpable at every turn – an astonishing transformation is happening as i’m getting to know who i am at my highest and best possible self and it’s a fascinating liberating and incredibly loving feeling – i never knew how to love myself in the right way which left me at an equal and even more painful deficit of not knowing how to love those dearest to me – there was a little frightened boy there far too often as that’s about as far as i made it to growing up – i didn’t have any way of realizing that’s where i was and that’s what i was given and more importantly what i wasn’t given – and now i do – wow, how has anyone ever put up with me all these years? – thank god for the world of compassion and unending love that’s always surrounded me – to all those who have given me so much love it is because of you i am here – it is because of you that i am at the greatest moment in my life where i have been given a golden key to unlock all god’s placed inside of me as i now have the directions as to how we very complicated and yet simultaneously overly simplistic human beings tick and how we are and how we relate to one another and what we all need – sadly until now i knew very little – and now it’s well more than a lot to know and a lot more yet to wave into motion – nonetheless i say presto! let’s do this beautiful thing called life the right way – it was once said something in the way of it’s never to late to become what you might have been and i say that’s the absolute truth – and it’s that much more your arriving reality if you do decide you want the presence of mind you’ve never had – it’s a lonely lively and absolutely life-affirming journey that awaits the soul we all have inside as she’s always yearning for us to hear her elegant and gentle whisper – remember it’s the soul that will tell you the right way every time and it’s in knowing that’s where we likewise gain the ease of letting only our happy mind ever make any ‘decisions’ – without this direction we’ll decide against our soul every time feeling uneasy at the least and woefully out of balance even more often and always running off in the entirely wrong direction – are you truly good where you’re at? – did it make sense how you got there? – if you’re not and it didn’t you need a reversal and fast otherwise you’re slowly and agonizingly declining in every which way and from within to your own worst self-inflicted detriment – and this only ultimately brings out the worst version of who you can be to no one’s meaningful benefit – does your typical 7 really do it for you? – are you giving life or wasting precious days? – these are questions only you can answer – for once in my life i’m truly grateful for all that has happened even with this time of being just 1 – it’s a very good thing and i accept it – in fact it’s the 2nd greatest blessing i’ve had and it came straight from my greatest blessing – rena thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me into this amazing journey in becoming a far better man a far better friend and a far more complete personyou are an exceptional shining and loving light to any and all who are fortunate enough to be in your world – i am forever grateful – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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