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the taking of rettinger 1-2-3…

September 30, 2011

there’s a day that’ll come to each and every one of us from time to time and we ask ourselves ‘what is happening to me?, why is this happening, and what do i do now?’ – and it may feel like your entire world’s tilting over and what balance you have left is barely holding – yet this may not be the end of the world as it initially feels like but rather may be that internal gps better known as the one and only knowing soul delivering a ‘special left’ just for you telling you it’s time take a new direction, your direction, the direction that holds all of everything you have ever dreamed of longed for and maybe even at one point or more actually set your sights on – this is your turn this is your time so go for it! – there are signs along the way that can lead to this and sometimes we may even see them – if our headset’s on and channel 1’s tuned to the soul we can possibly even understand just what the signs mean in realtime – or at least close to it – like let’s say you get on the elevator and you find you have a guest riding with you that happens to be a broom –  is this a sign? – are these your angels? – trust me they’re always there with you it’s just that most of us let our mind’s louse everything up with near blinding and deafening precision – whereas for me with what i’ve come to learn and come in touch with this summer it was all there – in a very brief time of seconds it became as crystal clear as it gets – as i understand it with this newly developed ‘on-call quiet reflection setting’ i can nowadays place my mind in a lot of the time exactly when i need it this was indeed a message and a very important one at that – all at once i realized this is the time to take everything i know about who i am and where i’m going and what i’ve openly declared to all is my way and cross on to that golden path – that’s the only path that’ll ever deliver you or me to true fulfillment with the gifts god’s given us so just run with it! – and here i am and it’s all happening – with an open heart and with open eyes i’m speaking i’m creating and i’m sweeping away anything that doesn’t make any sense or serve me or those i treasure and love to any true positive benefit – this is clarity and it came from a broom just standing there riding the elevator – that’s the power of being connected in to what we cannot necessarily hear or see and then seeing it and hearing it all at once – find your quiet see your vision feel your reward and get ready for your best days – they’re all right in front of you and it all begins right inside – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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