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i don’t care to be right ever again…

October 2, 2011

this week’s been a monumental one for me yet a gracious hand’s carried me the entire way – many  a change has been well underway in 2011 and a vastly elevated awareness has become a new presence that for the most part’s been altogether missing – we get what we got and sometimes it’s just not a lot or enough or arranged and lined up in a way that leads our steps with that elusive yet achievable elegance and grace – so then what do we do? – we throw open the doors and let the light in, let all the light in you possibly can – that’s what i’ve been doing since an eye-opening day when i was 28 and realized there was a lot to life i didn’t know – i thought it was enough to love and that once it was there it could never leave – yet that’s not enough – it never was and it’ll never be – and that’s because love is far more important than absolutely anything else – the bitch of it is for so many of us actually let’s say for almost all of us is that we just don’t know what really matters which leaves us out of whack in the way of knowing how to lead our life on our path casting everything else aside as fate to the wind – what matters is that love is the highest tenet of importance in everything we do and i mean every little thing – there was a long time in my life where i had a misplaced pride not necessarily amplified yet completely serving no one in that i felt some supreme importance in getting across my point – even worse is the drive was even greater when i knew i was right – what i didn’t know is that the winner in any argument is always without exception the loser and always to a far greater and often entirely unrealized magnitude – this has been one of the most enlightening and liberating lessons i’ve ever come to understand – what i further didn’t have an iota of a clue about is how ingrained so many patterns we settle into are – and that’s because it’s literally our programming or what we saw when we were young as in new to 10 – it’s the driving decider of how we end up carrying about when we come into the world of big people and for many of us we’re down for the count before we even begin the day and we don’t even know it – if that’s you know it doesn’t have to continue like it is – there are keys & secrets to what we can do – it’s up to you if you want in – and should you decide you want your best days to begin once and for all just say the word and i’ll be there – there’s a beauty in the day that’s lived unaffected by the infectinglive in the moment you have and carry about every second with the highest love and gratitude you’ve ever imagined possible – and you know what’s even more amazing when you truly don’t care to ever be right again? – the world open’s it arms to you with smiles favor and a serendipity you couldn’t write into the greatest of stories – be and be loved by all – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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