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the amazing life in lindsey!…

October 4, 2011

so last evening was yet again one of many dozens and dozens of moving experiences i’ve been so fortunate to have thru the beauty brilliance and uplifting love that can be felt in music – this one was on the calendar marked as a must and for very good reason – when a musician’s been at it for 40 or more years and carries with them a living resume of seemingly countless classic songs of the highest compositional craftsmanship then it’s a sure thing what you’re going to see hear and feel is going to be moving – and in this very light just last night stepped on to the stage one of the best there’s ever been in lindsey buckingham – from fleetwood mac his is the amazing voice on ‘go your own way,’ ‘tusk’ and ‘looking out for love’ – and then there’s his stunningly adept and unsurpassed guitar work heard all throughout the run of excellent records fleetwood mac’s given the world over the years – and then there’s the wonder of actually watching him play and without a pick at that – that’s a gift rarely ever seen – think of a major league catcher then take away his mitt – can you imagine the exceptional strength and visual spectacle that would be? – and then there’s that essence we all strive for in capturing elegance & grace in whatever it is we do and lindsey has that nailed to a pin-pointed tee – in front of an audience of quite excited fans he began the show with a suite of songs just him – voice and guitar and that’s it – that’s where the true artist and the studio-manufactured one separate with crystal clear division – it’s also typically a point in a concert where a sinking feeling often comes on as you feel you’re about to get fleeced in not hearing the song the way it is on the album – and then there’s lindsey with just a song at its essence as he spoke about as he was when he began as a teenager and it was just fantastic – this was an emotion alive that just swept me away in the best possible way and no one could get enough – this was a swing we should all catch and feel every day – i’ve been fortunate to see so many of the absolute greatest to have ever been at one with a guitar – that’s david gilmour, jimmy page, eric johnson, joe satriani, eddie van halen, jeff beck, john mayer, eric clapton, todd rundgren, pete townsend, vernon reid, alex lifeson and so many more that at times it’s nearly unbelievable that i’ve seen them all and some more than just once – lindsey’s right there with them – music in the light of happiness as it literally emanates from a player like him is one of the single greatest wonders in life – as to how the simplicity of sound when created and crafted with feeling and soul can bring me to such an uplifting place is something i’ll never have anything but sheer gratitude for – so let it be said if lindsey’s headed your way go and give yourself that gift and feel at least for a couple of hours the way it can be – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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