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now that was a beautiful thing…

October 7, 2011

something i’ve been learning about this year is how much greater our lives can become when we truly feel a waking awareness as we step and run about our days –  what’s been so wonderful for me is that when i really see and hear and feel what is happening in my surroundings both near and far i gain a far greater peace than i’ve ever known before – and this peace comes because i can now see what i once couldn’t – yes i wasn’t blind by any means yet i was nonetheless missing a tremendous amount of beauty in this precious play we call life – it’s the little moments of light harmony and perfection that have been showing up in many very pleasant and endlessly surprising ways – that’s what life is all about i have finally learned and have finally seen – my eyes are smiling – all at once earlier i had the sheer pleasure of realizing i needed a mental break from the goal i was keyed into so i simply stepped outside on the patio at just what turned out to be the perfect time – the breeze was cool from earlier clearing rains and the skies revealed a lone pink cloud of which the very bright moon was just above and as i captured the entire picture i saw the majesty of a beautiful bumblebee finding his sweetness from a newly bloomed gorgeously crimson bottle brush flower just in front of me – that’s god’s work and i would have missed it all if i hadn’t had the awareness that i needed to take a pause and change my scenery if for only a few minutes – who could have known what beauty awaited me just outside the door? – it was amazing and it’s an image that’ll forever be etched upon my memory – a bumblebee in a red flower in a pink cloud surrounded by still-bright blue sky with the moon to smile upon it all – simply stunning – and then just again another moment came that i’ve never seen or heard and i’m now an even happier person as a result – it was the opening of the nhl season for pittsburgh and vancouver from vancouver and as is the custom for international games both anthems are performed with ours first and canada’s 2nd as vancouver is the host – now i’ve seen an international opening many times before yet i’ve never seen one like this – right in the middle of ‘o’ canada’ the brilliant singer finished his verse and gave way to the arena taking up the next verse and they all did with a natural zeal that was absolutely moving – they sang their part to it’s conclusion and then the singer took back the reigns – just beautiful – it was a duet of let’s say nearly 19,000 people – it literally set off a glow in my heart seeing the togetherness we at times have as people – and the beautiful thing about it all is god willing i’ll see so much more tomorrow – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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