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one lasting smile and countless hellos…

October 13, 2011

yesterday i managed to experience something again if for just a brief time and it was fantastic – there seems to be a lot of the time when the weight of the world invades our imagination and then we’re toast and a lot of the times it’s burnt toast at that – this is not good at all it’s not necessary it’s not acceptable as there are 2 words that will always carry us through and onto a higher plain – love&faiththat’s the ticket in life – and it revealed itself in immediate and amazingly vibrant fashion just yesterday morning and here’s all i did – i decided for very good reason that it might just make a lot of sense to embrace the good i’ve been learning and simply make a decision to smile from the inside out – after all that’s who i’ve always been at the core and it’s high time i return there and stay there – and on it went – i stepped out of the car and headed to the right telling myself ‘i feel fine i feel good in fact i feel happy’ and the best i could tell i had my best face forward and in just mere seconds it happened – 3 different perfect strangers even one with his head down looked over and up at me and smiled and said ‘hello’ – the very same happened stepping into the store with several more people – all at once the simple and loving energy that was aglow from a smile returned the same kindness back at me in spades no less and it was an amazing feeling – it all changed in an instant and just from a smile – just like the timeless gem from huey lewis & the news celebrates in excellent rhythm it’s ‘the power of love’ – that’s it that’s all it takes – well that and being able to manage our mind and most importantly what we allow in our imagination – fill it with good and get the good the great and gratitude from those you don’t even know – fill it otherwise and it’s just bad no matter which way we try to see it – this all helps me respect the fact that our feelings generate automatically from what we see in our imagination – in fact it’s been realized in science that we even have mirror cells in our brains that respond according to what we envision or see just the same and tell us this is reality – this means our reality is what we see even if we just imagine it – trippy isn’t it? – the mind’s an amazing machine that works exactly as we tell it and allow it to – so what’s the best way for us to carry about then? – that’s the simple and life-changing question we all must answer at the start of every new day – i told myself just yesterday at the loving reminder of a good friend to indeed notice what god is placing in front of me all throughout the day and to tell you what happened as a result and nearly instantly is a story of fascination for tomorrow – as to how it was connected to the law of attraction is all that much the more astonishing – for now just smile and see what happens and stay there with all the best and highest this life can be – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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