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the law of amazing indians…

October 15, 2011

all within less than 24 hours an exceptionally moving experience became my world in the past few days and it began with the simple and good feeling to reach out and say hi with the idea that it’d be a friendly gesture to someone looking for guidance and peace – and here’s how it began – in a gathering of people sharing an unplanned and monumental change in their lives i realized somehow without any thought that i hadn’t really said hello to one of them since i’d seen their name in the previous weeks – so i reached out and we chatted and just in sharing the positive strides and realities that’d been part of my life in recent days this effectively lended a badly needed new set of rosier lenses to begin looking through for my now new friend – as she thanked me i didn’t even realize why at first and then it clicked that i simply did what god has me here to do and that’s to help people feel better and find their path to feeling their bestthat’s completion in me and with it i’m golden – in these moments i’m able to be who i am at my highest and best for all those that come in touch with me and for that i am most grateful, well more than i can even begin to say – the very next morning i had the gentle reminder from a friend to have a lovely day and notice all that god places in front of me as it’s all for a reason and so i did – i saw a friend’s name at my feet in a decorative brick then just after he called – i heard someone mention his favorite city in the world being vancouver and an immediate rush of fantastic adolescent memories came over me from living in the northwest and on into our travels into canada – so i figured i would take note of this and as i did in setting a reminder a series of 11’s all appeared – it was 11:11 on the 11th – this set a smile inside me for reasons of the soul being lit by my angels every day even more so when i see them in this manner – if this is new to you read about it for yourself and you’ll see – actually it’s 11:11 in the am right now at this very moment this line’s coming to life and it’s no coincidence trust me – and then it all came back yet i didn’t realize it at first – down sat next to me a man with the look as if he was a some sort of athlete maybe a pro tennis player – at least that’s the image that struck me – a half hour or so passed and without any particular forethought i then asked him if he was working on anything ‘fun’ on the 2 laptops he had going as we sat in this gem of a seaside cafe having our tea or coffee – what followed next was one of the most amazing and enlightening conversations i’ve ever had – he had an awareness and understanding far greater than all i have been learning and gaining from on the journey that began so unexpectedly for me earlier this year – he had that smile a mile wide that we all seek to so effortlessly have – answers and directions clarified in me with further grace – this man defined the elegance of the human condition – we discovered 15 miles away from our homes that we live in 2 neighborhoods that are actually side-by-side – we as well discovered we were parked right next to one another when we left – he even gave me the gift of asking me to dinner with him and his family as well as introducing me to his accomplished friend on the west coast who is known far and wide for helping us find balance and even greater harmony and fulfillment in our lives and with our loved ones – at once i reached out and it all came back to me in an even far greater illumination – i opened my heart to one indian and 3 came back in astonishing presence and my life has forever been enhanced – thank you thriveni, ashish and shivani – for me you all are the law of loving attraction and the layering of new precious golden threads around the fabric of my soul – may you reach out for goodness and let the light of the world shine on you just the same – everyday i understand gratitude more and more and for that i am indeed most grateful – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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