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what if this was it?…

October 18, 2011

…then so much that we become absolutely driven into the ground with figuratively and literally just wouldn’t matter would it? – that’s the reality check of the highest magnitude isn’t it? – what happened in your mind today that when it really comes down to it is pointless? – for me it used to begin with the morning news and the bleeding began without my even knowing it – energy gave way to the massive negative waves that steadily sweep through any newscast – sure they pepper in a few positive rays here and there yet that’s the exception as it’s in essence only a temporary and deceptive lightening at best of the stranglehold they manage to keep on the throat of your precious thoughts – let’s face it what do you really need to know from someone else as you start your day that has any true bearing on how you start your day? – it’s all upstairs isn’t it? – that’s where your map is – that’s where you can adeptly create your own existence with only the floats you choose in the parade of your life – any other way and it’s a slip and then maybe a slide and then a fall and then they have you – you’re asleep – awareness is nearly non-existent and your view of everything and anything’s now akin to seeing through the slightest of space between 2 fingers in hand-covered eyes – yeah really? – yeah really – what’s so bad is most of us have no clue this is the space we’ve allowed ourselves to descend into and that’s because there’s far too much company in the same sinking ship – yet the day grinds on the night comes with it’s addictions & temptations and we awaken somewhat sickened by the bad of it all dragging our poor suffocating soul into another day that’ll be hacked away at with a repeat of the same all because we let it happen – so where’s the light? – how do we escape this? – it’s all what we put into our minds and then from there what we allow to take place – this also is where the gold’s all made this is how we feel and realize our visions and watch it all happen for us – each and every time i take added notice to what’s happening with something as simple as the look on my face i can at once see and feel an instant return from those around me – if it’s a smile then i’m automatically in the flow of elegance & grace – if i manage to realize that i’m not carrying about in this manner it’s an entirely different world – it’s literally as if at least 2 dimensions can be stepped into at all times with 2 entirely different outcomes – try it and you’ll see for yourself – as for me i’m choosing to believe that einstein was onto something with the multiple and concurrent dimensions we exist in and with this simple exercise we can all see if we only decide to live awakehave what you will with gratitude happiness and love – after all that’s the simple recipe for a smile isn’t it? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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