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when your world’s very quiet…

October 19, 2011

there’re moments in all of our lives when this is exactly the place we find ourself in and we look around and around and around again to see who’s there – and it appears we’re the only one – for some this a heavenly peace as it plays fittingly to who we are – to others it may be the last place you’d ever desire to be as at one with just your thoughts may be a tad on the frightening side – yet if it’s just moments these times are well more than bearable – if it’s days that’s another matter – if it’s weeks into months then that’s where we have to decide what it is we’re seeing and not seeing and why – the last is just such a time for me in ways yet there’re many beautiful souls that have continued being there for me at every turn and for whom i’m eternally grateful for – so what it comes down to is the grace i know is inside me and all of us to truly embrace what it means to be calm safe and secure – and these aren’t ‘friends’ i grew up with and that leaves me vulnerable if i didn’t now know far better how to create the meaning of everything that’s around me – and that’s a highly noteworthy phrase ‘around me’ – as what’s around me doesn’t mean it has anything to do with my world my happiness and the elegant realities i’ve decided to envision feel and have as they surely all are on their way to arriving – with this rock in my mind that only casts the most golden of auras i am able to stay connected and just as importantly instantly reconnect to my foundation and my reason why god willing i arrive into each new day receiving my gifts – without the perspective of this lively play already taking place in my mind i’d be lost – i’d be asleep at the wheel, empty-eyed and without, period – thank god i’ve learned better and it feels amazing to have finally done so – yet i’m also a real person with an entire set of feelings like any other ranging from zero to ten or from crying in pain to crying in joy&laughter – what’s different for me now is how i’ve learned to notice what’s happening with enhanced awareness and this at once allows me to select the channels my mind’s allowed to see – that in turn keeps the reigns on any mad horses coming from out of nowhere stampeding my better sensibilities and well-being – and as we all know they’ll run you over in a heartbeat if you let them – so don’t let them o.k.? – if it all seems too quiet simply ‘play’ a memory you love more than any other or slip in a slide of a future have/reality you’ve decided is to be yours – these now are what you will see and with the way our minds are crafted the very good and great feelings attached are the only thing the rest of our system can reply to and that’s a very good thing – you be the one that takes your every step and smiles your every smile and receives your every true desire – let nothing but love in as the guiding light it always is and your life will instantly be forever enhanced to your greatest happiness and highest fulfillment well beyond anything you can even imagine – and remember it doesn’t ever matter what anyone else says as you and only you give it meaning – let it be the love that it is or give the love they desperately need with your blessing and just simply be – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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