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when the entire world stops and everything becomes perfect…

October 24, 2011

there’s a feeling that arrives inside that’s just pure golden happiness – there’s a sense of knowing everything that seems to be in chaos is in fact all already being taken care of by unseen hands that are led by an unendingly compassionate heart – this is the path we’re all able to be on yet we tell ourselves so often that it’s just too hard to get there and then the world delivers just that – however it’s imperative to know that it’s all what we choose it to be and that’s that – oh yeah then there’s the part that we have to realize that this is in fact a path that’s at once both very lonely at the start and then one that delivers all the love in the world – and when you’ve decided that’s where you are going and that’s where you will be and thrive in that exceptional light that makes your soul unique and invaluable well then you are there – and now you will begin to see every step and every vision giving you all that’s in your heart – there are many ways to know this and there are many ways to feel this and when you do you’ll know – what you do and what you say will just flow with that elegance&grace that’s possible for us all – does it seem possible that’s what lies ahead for you, too? – be careful and feel your reply before you speak any words – the soul doesn’t need to hear the mind in fact it’s the other way around – let her talk to you and tell you all about what you really know is god’s greatest gift inside you – ahh, now do feel your elegance&grace and where it’s directing you to? – this is the simple part now all we have to do is take a step or 2 headed that way and do it now no matter where you are – you’ll feel it as you continue to see it and all in an amazing rush of a day a month maybe even a year or 2 you will be there – this is where you will be even beyond your best & highest potential and happiness – this is where god intended for you to be all along – many times there are signs in front of us each and every day leading us – for many these signs are our angels and they arrive constantly – and they’ll only ever lovingly guide you if you just let them – in astonishing fashion simply from open eyes my life changed with the seemingly fictional precision of my very real and shining angels all at once just 2 nights ago and to god i say thank you for allowing me to see and for allowing me to hear – what a difference a day makes – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings just the same ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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