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so do you really wanna rock? do ya’?!…

October 26, 2011

then by all means run out and get the amazing new disc from jane’s addiction – these cats are the ruling force in the world of real rock’n’roll – pensive composition, check – vocals that ride the rails of the soul, check – guitar savvy that actually makes you feel cool, check – a lead singer with the collective swagger of jagger bowie & plant, check – in a glance you can tell these guys get it – listen for a few seconds into the opening of their latest titled ‘the great escape artist’ and in a resonating thunder of feeling jane’s delivers it up on a silver platter – all you gotta do is grab a slice take it in and smile – see how fast you find that rhythm for one that everyone sees and everyone wants – that’s the sign of the rarely & truly powerful record this one really is – track one’s called ‘underground’ and it’s epic – and epic’s a label that’s only brought out for the best and that’s jane’s to a tee on this one – it builds with a stagger and a pulse that opens the door on a crushing guitar solo that brands the mark of excellence right into your side – and that’s a good burn – track 3’s ‘curiosity kills’ and it’s a story of a track that rolls in waves with subtle shots of emotion that come in from everyone in the band – dancing to the heavier side of rock’n’roll? – that’s the deal on this one – the 5th track’s called ‘i’ll hit you back’ – it’s an excellent emotionally-charged driver-type that pulls you right inside and when you get there you’re really in – go ahead sing it with your best ‘perry’ – it’ll be a blast, at least for you! – the rest of the record’s filled to the rafters with nothing else but grade-a riffs&hooks, the best ‘feeling’ drum&bass rhythms and the tapestry of perry’s shimmering and penetrating vocals channeling the hammer of the gods – yeah now that’s rock’n’roll! – ready for top-shelf? – get it, set the v to high be the rock and smash it to the roll – right and left back and forth up and down – it’s all good – in fact it’s way better than that – got the rock? – now you do – wishing you vision wisdom strength all of god’s blessings and the return of steve perry! ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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