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all the melody and magic of life’s right there in the missing music…

October 29, 2011

when we find ourselves in the throws of a massive remodeling from the inside out sometimes we can become blind to an essence here and a vital there so to speak – and if that happens to you the way it did to me then maybe there’ll be a bit of uncertainty that at times subtly but blindingly keeps you one foot right near but just not quite on that golden path of yours – yet there’s a beautiful and elegant stride ever so nearby that’ll amaze you when you notice it – maybe it’s just a memory that’s been mystifyingly forgotten for the time – maybe it’s just hitting the send button on a thread of life from the soul to the mind and voila you have it! – beyond a shadow of a doubt what it is is it’s your way – it’s your own very unique ingredient that makes you you and makes you tick and makes you smile all through the livelong day – and that’s simply beautiful – when you find it or just remember it everything all at once suddenly elevates the simple beauty of what makes you the blessing you are to this world – all at once you’ll see and realize the abundance of blessings god’s placed all around for you – and you’ll see them all and receive them all with random precision and graceful elegance – for me i’ve always had an exceptional fascination and unending passion for music – it’s in the blood as there are many musicians in the family – it’s also what i heard with an ever-present wonder from the youngest of ages as mom always filled the house with the greatest of artists and songs – radio stereo records and concerts became a highly happy way of life for me and i’ve heard them all and now have seen so many of them just the same – elvis, sinatra, pink floyd, fair to midland, rush, mayer and all the way back to manilow’s a trip fantasia that maybe only these ears can appreciate yet likely not – for me an indelibly stamped groove was etched into my happiness factor early in life that’s the only way i ever reach true clarity with all else ongoing in my life – and thank god i’ve suddenly rediscovered this simple secret to my soul – the trip this past week’s been brilliant and full of added illumination in ways that have been so soul-satisfying it’s been overwhelming to me and others at times – so i say at once thank you for waking me up and if i had the volume a little too high in song or in my words in any way for anyone near or dear to me than i ask for your gentle forgiveness – excitement’s hard to bridle at times when its been absent and then just inexplicably fills every corner of who you are – sometimes happiness overflows and you know that’s just alright with me – may it be the very same for you as well – there are many in my life that have been vital in helping me land in this place that’s so far higher of a plane than anywhere before – everyday a sweeping rush of warmth takes me over to where i’m now hearing her sing i’m seeing her dance and i’m feeling her tears of joy – to finally be there with her you know with your soul is to truly have a mind that’s now guided with the guilded and god-given gifts that have always been there ready to take you exactly where you know you are going – this is the time we realize to celebrate life and tell the world all about it as it’s an incredible infection we all need and deserve – i don’t know the how and i really don’t know the why but what’s crystal-clear is this is it – it’s all happening and it’s absolutely beautiful – get on your groove and ride your fraile – your soul will tell you all about it every time and instantly if you’ll just let her – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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