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here comes the feeling!…

November 1, 2011

and it’s well-deserved – being so incredibly hard and repressive on yourself spells a sure-fire recipe for disaster and yet we can tend to slide down that ever so slippery slope at times not even realizing we’re doing it – what’s worse is we’re experts in blinding ourselves to the golden blessings that can literally step right into our worlds whether that be a unique and well-timed opportunity or sometimes much more so an absolutely amazing person that comes into your life and turns it in a new york minute forever for the better – god does these things for us every day yet so many of us run about our lives in such a subtle and penetrating fear that literally leaves our soul gasping for life – so why do we do this? – why do we tell god “no thanks, i’ve got it covered?” – and that’s just what we’re doing when we let fear in and then let it run rampant trampling about on the light that’s so desperately waiting to unbridle the greatest happiness in our heart – for so many of us she’s in there barely breathing so much of the time and that’s no way to lead a life – what’s a must to truly live in this life is to give the world what god made you for – we know that better as the talents, gifts, precious personality gems, and most importantly the love that makes us each very special – for me i’ve come to see a light and then feel that light and it all started with the music and now’s landed in my steps and ultimately’s set upon my face a gentle and believing smile that all as i ask for is to be – calls have come “coincidences” have aligned in perfect symmetry and god even sent me away hundreds of miles to only find my heart again and it was so overwhelming that at this point i have to pause for a moment – all in the most unexpected of circumstances the beauty of the greatest happiness we can know in life just appeared and everything fell right into place – in fact it was such a moving experience for me it took me several days to even realize the perfect wonder and potentially amazing future of and from what really happened – if i’ve learned anything this year it’s the truth and ease in going with the flow and recognizing affection’s best offered never blanketed and always the essence of gratitude between 2 people – and when it’s to be it’s naturally happily and unendingly – so with this all being said i’ve very recently been given a brilliant gift of possibility with the blessing in truly understanding to just let it come as only god knows makes perfect sense of how that’s to be – thankful? – yes very – living in gratitude with the lightest of elegance and the brightest of grace? – yes very much so just as well – feeling it all inside like i’ve never before? – yes for the very first time in my life – when you’re ready to really feel all god’s got for you just open your heart see with your eyes and glide right into your best days – they’re already there for you and for some you’ve already been given a glimpse – have faith and hold out your hand – take that one simple step as an even more beautiful life awaits – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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