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the northern wind meets the summer in the soul…

November 4, 2011

this is the day – this is the day when it all comes to light – perspective, you know cards on the table and words in the way or best yet words of the way – it’s come into crystallizing clarity that there’s only 1vital item on the daily list of a life well-lived and that’s it – yes there are many tapestries that can run about as to the finer measures of what and how we do what we do yet again it comes down to the one thing – – and that’s to know who you are and honor that exceptional person inside in every way – step it up kick it in and shine – rely on yourself and be an inspiration to yourself – it’s in you and no one can take it away – maybe it’ll have to come with just a single step to start but start you must – let the throttle on your soul fly – gun it like you’re the finest of ferraris on the fastest of freeways and just shine baby shine – i don’t hear any doubts i don’t see any walls i don’t feel any friction – it’s all gone! – this is the time your life really begins – everything awaits everyone’s opening their arms and everywhere’s wild and wonderful where your headed – isn’t about time? – look at it all! – see all the things that have absolutely no place and let them to others – unless it makes you smile or helps you make others do just the same give it up give it away and make space for all of the amazing and entirely new blessings just waiting to astonish and astound – this is the life that’s there for us all – open the door let it out and let it in – if you can’t remember the blood of your life your eyes are closed so simply open them up and see – isn’t it the loveliest of paintings? – isn’t it the masterpiece of your life? – reach inside and let the world deliver it right into your loving hands – they say fall’s a time when things are fading with the dead of winter straight ahead yet that’s not the way i see it – to me the colors come with the splendor of leaves and the spectacle of the ever-falling sun as it takes a rest for the coming season – and with these colors all i see now is all that should be seen with the hope the heart and the happiness that’s there for us all – it’s all in a mind mine yours and nobody else’s ok? – you create you design you live the ‘life of lives’ – indeed may the northern wind meet the summer in your soul – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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