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the wonder & beauty in a holiday echo…

November 8, 2011

what if it’s your absolutely favorite time of year and your mind and heart are filled with decades of gleaming memories of love happiness and laughter? – what if all you can see inside’s the splendor of the most magically decorated of her christmas trees, the cheer of those dearest and nearest to you and that special smile that only one person in the world has for you, you know that smile that drops you to your knees that there’s someone in this world who loves you that much? – there’s a vivid picture in where i hear all the singing feel all the festive embraces and just simply and purely have a tremendous gratitude that’s nearly beyond words – i’m not sure why i was made this way yet the feeling’s so overwhelming to where it’s almost surreal right at this time – to my amazement the airwaves already have 2 stations playing christmas music and that’d typically be an absolute joy for me yet this time around on the 19th christmas since my life forever changed for the far better than i can ever clearly say it’s different as just 1 – there’s an empty space from absence that’s trying to set in and it’s not going to take hold – happiness won’t give way to the heavy-hearted – it’s not an option – god’s not into living in the past – recalling all the beautiful of the past yes – reliving anything less than that no way – so i say to the season i welcome you with open eyes and a loving heart for all of the blessing’s that’ve been all that’re there right now and beyond a shadow of a doubt all that’s just waiting to amaze and lift me up to the new and beautiful already in god’s hands – and i for one have decided extending my hand back out and up to god’s the way this and every christmas holiday – i love steve & eydie i love ‘skating’ from charlie brown and ‘a christmas carol’ is my favorite story ever – feeling that spirit in the air i feared would sweep me under – seeing the coming lights i felt may be empty – and experiencing it all out of the skin i’ve been in terrified me to be honest – yet i’ve taken a stand today that this holiday will be exactly what i decide to make it just as are the steadily unfolding steps of the design of my life that’s been laid to print and stepped into a coming reality – christmas has always and will always be a time of wonder & beauty in my life – and that’s just as it should be for my way of seeing it – so to you and yours whether you’re together in hand or only in heart for the time being i say celebrate as if you’ll never know another holiday – make this as magical and moving as you’ll have it – live inside the beauty look at all of the smiles and love every single second of it – thank god for this wonderful time of year – and remember you just may be someone’s christmas so be your most wonderful self – may the season’s greetings tidings and blessings abound to one and to all ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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