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and so it goes lows to high, keep it on 10!…

November 10, 2011

as if it’s been an engine out of tune and a snare missing sticks this life’s nonetheless an amazing one when the right dash just drops in and everything begins to spin with near precision – and that dash likely comes in many ways shapes and visions for us – yet the beauty’s the fact that it’s there for us all – even greater’s the fact that it’s right in reach and once held rather easy to keep holding – some of us manage to slide in the right pictures and float the right thoughts all throughout the day with a flow that likely even astounds the few of us who can do this – so far i’m not yet there but i can see the landing strip – it’s real – in the mean time what i’ve come into is that syncopated rhythm that many times has been right there for me but mysteriously nearly vanished for the larger slice of this year – this month last year saw 2011 as one being of abundance grace and gratitude – and in the perfection of god’s hands piece by piece he’s connecting me all back together and it makes me wanna scream with delight from the top of the world – what’s happened in the past several weeks that’s taken on a gathering head of steam is song – i’m letting myself be sung to again with all of the life-giving ecstasy that music’s always delivered right into the heart of my mind and the wings of my soul – i’m an odd one that found studying far more effective with loud music yet excellent music – it carries me along to where my head’s able to find a smile inside that’s not only from the song but rather astoundingly granting an ease with whatever it is i’m working on or through – and with the creative the effect’s that much the greater – thankfully a peace inside’s opened me back up to this winning frequency that’s always served me with endless love and feeling – isn’t that amazing a person can get all of this from the cadence of someone else’s well-crafted sounds? – a life absent of rhythm just doesn’t work for anyone – maybe it’s not a song or a sound for you but you know it’s something – and only you know what that really is – so take the trip and get onto the track that’ll move you just the way you know you can – don’t wait another second to lift yourself up and away from the middle – god doesn’t want you there he wants you at the very top of the mountain that is YOU – when you do this you’ll feel everything i’m trying to put to paper and when you do you’ll smile – yeah and it’ll be a mile wide and confidence will soar, serenity will fill your world in a panoramic clarity, all of the blessing that you are to this world will become seen by one and by all, and you will meet the real you for the very first time – ready for your greatest encounter? – get on with the fantastic life, trip the lights and celebrate! – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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