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the clarity of the channel of you…

November 10, 2011

it’s a very fine line from inside our heart to the rest of the world and the white noise deafens our best sensibilities no matter how focused we feel we may get in that wondrous mind of ours – that fine line’s in fact your very lifeline when it comes down to it – the thing of it is is that it’s invisible yet it has all the capability to be seen as vibrant fluid and shimmering or as rigid languid and muddledthat’s it – nothing rarely lasts in between – so the question comes as to where we all are – what’s astounding is that most of us are so entirely asleep at the wheel of our precious lives that we run about at 90 never slowing down to see we’re chasing our own tail – right? – no matter how hard you chase another’s dream it won’t happen it can’t and it shouldn’t – what’s so enlightening’s that we only need to dial in our own specific coordinates and we’re off – and you know those numbers may very well be very close to another’s or they may be entirely your own but you know them and you know you know them – they’ve always been there – and what awaits for you is everything and all you’re willing to have and be – can you dig it? – do you feel the fear the trepidation and the short breath of ‘can it be?’  – get there right there as that’s right where you open the door – and as soon as you do you will see everything that’s been locked away in your vision of you and who you are and why you are here – it’s channel 1 and it’s the only channel that matters for if you’re not on it your missing a skip maybe 2 or 3 and tripping’s the daily order no matter how hard you try – a friend of mine wisely says smash your cable box! – and in many ways for many reasons he’s dead on and his life’s that much more the illuminated as a result – when you think about it we lead our lives in far too scattered a manner just the same as the hundreds of channels divide and evaporate our ever so valuable time – so what’s it going to be for you tonite? – how about tomorrow and the weekend? – next week? – get it? – it’s the hardest best easiest and most rewarding soul-satisfying feeling you’ll ever have and i absolutely promise you it’ll all get even better from there forward – do you have it in you? – is it just for the few or what god’s given every single one of us? – i finally know and so should you my friend – it’s the time of your life – it’s the you the best of us have always seen – so what are you waiting for? – take a breath take a deep breath and come inside – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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