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blessed blissed and quite beautiful isn’t it?…

November 14, 2011

that’s exactly what it is when we finally awaken and see all that appears in every little thing from a butterfly’s splendid and perfect flight directly to you to the stunning words of a 12 year-old with business savvy well beyond what’s typical to the elegantly encouraging words of a rather new friend – and it’s all being made possible by the little magical decisions i’m making at the start of the day – just the same it’s fortunately becoming a presence of mind that’s finding an ever-increasing strength with every day – and what it is is the first words i think of when i awaken “i am grateful for my life” – from there it flows and ultimately leads to a jump out of bed a throwing back of the curtains and a greeting to the day of “thank you god for blessing me yet again!” – it never used to be this way and neither was the day that typically followed – these days and today it’s an altogether different and far more promising return that sets right into my heart just with saying hello and thanks to the big guy up in the sky – this gratitude setting’s really the way to go – it’s like adding sweetener to the winds of life that await us each morning we wake – what’s the other option other than effectively scattering corrosive salt on the soul right? – i know it seems altogether too simplistic and “oh you just don’t understand what’s going on in my life…” but trust me i really do – that happens when you’ve been stripped of everything you’ve known and left with just yourself and nothing to set about with hand-in-hand and heart-to-heart the way you always have to your collective grace and completed soul – sound absolutely debilitating to you? – trust me it definitely is yet you’re still left with the question from on high of what do you do or let’s say what now as it’s all gone and god apparently’s got it set just this way and it’s all for you – in fact it’s a gift – well this is it – this is where there’s only the one way and it’s all going to happen at just the moment you realize you only have but this moment and these few seconds as what’s gone is gone and what’s more than just ahead you really don’t know if it’s even coming – so it’s right now and a few seconds in front of you and your life all comes down to your ability to just open your soul seal your smile and breathe in all the love you can in every which way through gratitude and happinesscount it up celebrate and revel in it for all to see and they will and you will as well – and from there you tell me what happens for you – for me it’s all unfolding as if it’s the greatest book of my life and my fingers are actually both writing the scenes and turning the pages and it’s just breathtakingly there for the having – yes i’m blessed, inside i’m blissed and all i’m seeing is more than beautiful – wouldn’t you like just the same? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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