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revel in the rhythm!…

November 16, 2011

there’s an equation for all of us that just absolutely works and then there’s that dash or 2 that make us us and unlike anyone else and that’s an excellent thing indeed – first off the equation and we’re all seemingly seeking it in one way or another and that’s the answer to where is my happiness?, the best happiness that’s possible where i make a difference and i can’t believe i get to live the life i lead as an inspiration to others – want it? – want it all? – here it isfirst it’s essential to  have gratitude every single second of the day in every single way you can imagine – our imagination sees all we’re thankful for which makes the station of you permanently on the “blissed-out” channelsimon wiesenthals ( one to read up about as to how he survived the holocaust in ww2 and it all came down to gratitude and what he ultimately controlled in his mind no matter what was happening to and around him – with this perspective there’s zero reason any of us should ever stray from the countless blessings that surround us – the only challenge is to lift the remote out from under the beaten down cushions of complacency that fill most of our words, minds and lives and then hit the “on demand” button that’s your self-designed future to be! – this is where it’s all at and this is where it all comes to you in an abundance of treasured relationships, stunning experiences, and amazing wherewithal – it’s a remodeling of yourself like no other and you may feel a temporary isolation and then boom! – it all begins to unfold – the second factor in setting your life onto this avenue of ecstasy’s simply giving – giving’s what life’s all about and it’s easy – god’s given us all an amazing array of gifts that are exceptional strengths and we all know it – the wall for many of us is we’re discouraged by others and often those “closest” to us that these ambitions we have in us and maybe even speak of are for others – no way man no way – that’s not the case – every single person we see swimming in the success of life we celebrate don’t we? – that’s all of us if we’ll only let it happen – just give what you have in the right arenas and you’ll be there in the rhythm of arriving to the very vision of your life – third’s the generation concept and that’s the final and equally vital ingredient to this masterful equation more salient than anything else for without it you’ll never get there – yet this is easy too – generate everything you’d like to have back, you know the golden rule as in do unto others as you would have them do unto you – so generate the greatest of energy – smile from inside and always smile on the outside just the same – it becomes self-perpetuating at a point – you’ll see – so that’s it, there’s the secret in 3 finely elegant parts – gratitude giving and generation – get it? – got it? – now go deliver and watch what happens – have faith like you’ve never had before – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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