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thankful for a musical lift right to top of the skies…

November 21, 2011

sometimes the perfect tonic for the moment maybe even longer’s to hear some excellent music – yet it’s gotta be just the right kind of music when you’re looking for a mood-lifter so to speak – and that’s where the 3rd release from angels & airwaves comes in – it’s simply elegantly and quite essentially titled “love” – spanning 22 songs and 2 discs there’s a feeling throughout of riding on the wings of yourself in flight if you can imagine how liberating that is – if you’ve never heard of this band you’ve been missing out – it’s actually founded in well-established rock stand-out blink 182 as angels & airwaves is in fact the creation of their singer tom delonge – it’s been his ongoing side-project since 2007 – this time around has the band lending a well-crafted sonic landscape to their self-released sci-fi movie of the same name – it’s interesting at times that it sounds like bono could stand in on vocals and it’d sound as if we’re hearing a lost project from u2 circa 1982 yet here we are in 2011 – perhaps that’s the highest compliment that can come a&a’s way – what’s further very cool about this extended set of songs is the flow, it just happens seamlessly with a steady vibe and a rhythm that keeps the fingers and feet a ‘tappin’ all the while – so there’s a feeling as if right after the show’s over with this record that of course you’ll step into the sleekest and slickest of “alloy air cars” (a la 1980 rush…) and take off to wherever the next best thing happens to be – it should all be that easy right? – well in a fantastic if somewhat fleeting manner this is where this music takes me – maybe the same flight of fantasy’s in order for you just the same? – give it a spin and dial in to an even better feeling – if it’s already good where you are then have it even greater – anyway you hear it the feeling’s there for the taking so have it at my friends – sometimes music really is just what you need – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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