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when you notice your life being written it’s…

November 26, 2011

nearly impossible to explain how it feels or how it’s happening yet it is and there’s absolutely some sort of grand design about it from up above – convince me otherwise you can’t – the outpouring of love for me this week from friends family and my most loved ones has nearly left me without any more room inside for the size to which my heart has grown – tears of happiness have been coming unexpectedly – coincidences or as i like to better call them ‘god-collisions’ have been steady just the same – i turn around with the mind’s eye and it’s another person walking right into my life i believe at just the perfect moment – imagine a puzzle all spread about on the floor in the rec room – now picture the pieces lifting up all on their own accord and whimsically gliding about to their mates all the while with a vision of the greater picture steadily coming into view – that’s what’s been happening – it’s stunning – it makes me laugh with wonder, gratitude and the greatest of warmth – there is someone putting this all together for me and it’s simply astonishing as to how he does it, even more so when you can actually notice it while it’s happening – in the flow? – most definitely – staying in it? – you couldn’t pull me out with the heaviest of line – this weeks’s seen tremendous blessings just fall right from the heavens and into my grateful hands and with them i’ll share and give to all i possibly can – there’s that elegance&grace just appearing once again – and what i’ve noticed is it happens every time i take the importance away then simply step along with the smile of fred astaire in the loveliest of dances – it’s not necessarily immediate as to what it all means at first yet i can feel it matching up with a nearing precision to all that i’ve already imagined is mine to have as it aligns with the gifts god’s placed inside – receive an invitation on thanksgiving to help the homeless at a nearby church and my heart immediately burns with the brightest of light – “yes thank you so much i’ll be there!” – and the feeling of helping is amazing – run into another friend at the same event and opportunity just lands at my feet at just the right time – thank you god, i’m getting it – take a 3rd look just before you leave the station and yes it’s another friend from many years ago –  and with the brightest and happiest of smiles more opportunity simply lands at my feet as he says to call him about the fantastic company he’s building – answered calls and prayers of many a type all are happening one after the other – what’s next i can only imagine yet when i do it seems it’s definitely already on its way to arriving – this is what i’ve heard about, i’ve read about it and taken the faith in that it’s really the way and my god i say with the greatest of reverence respect and love thank you for showing me the way – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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  1. December 20, 2011 4:07 pm

    when you notice your life being written it’s nearly impossible to explain how it feels or how it’s happening…

    I really like your opening statement!

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