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finding favor in festive flavor…

December 3, 2011


there comes a time in the life of some maybe even for many where the whole entire world just nearly stops turning and it’s down to you your faith and what you decide you’ll have off the menu of life – ever been there? – it seems far more than the rightest of times for these words to come to any and all that may need them so away we go – the holidays have been a time of absolutely amazing happiness for me for all the years i’ve been blessed to be here and that’s something i’ll always treasure – life events come at us at times that have the fire to overwhelm us all if we’ll let ’em and i have yet not this time – there’re 2 sides to life and that’s it – and the one’s a sad affair for many yet they can’t even see it – it’s subtlety at it’s finest and it’s a slow killer – so don’t let it be for you and yours, cool? – it’s all of the little needling stinging and ultimately vaporizing ways in which we get smacked about through the day at our very own hands – you know it’s saying how bad it is, that’s terrible, it’s horrible, that’s awful, that’s so unfair, i can’t, i’ll try, maybe – that’s all for the heap – and living inside there’s surely the worst zip code in the land, period – on the contrary a bright mindset in the worst part of town beats the bad disposition of the one stuck over in the best part of town – we all know that’s the case as success stories abound from the wrong side of the tracks when met with an attitude from the highest of plains – in other words it all comes down to the love and being aware of who you can be for all those who cross your path – it’s a destination and it may take longer for some and come in a flash for others yet when you’re there you’re really there and you’ll know it and do everything you possibly can to never leave – it’s that good – poignantly enough as these very words are flowing there’re 2 kids nearby that clearly are having laughing gas for their dinner and it’s just filling my soul that much the more – fantastic – so that’s the deal this time around as we’re in this beautiful time that for some may be full of fear – realize that fear’s in the imagination so nix it and put in the good pictures & movies – get out – get with your happy friends – if you need one go make one – get out and get up and be where you deserve to be – hey why not right? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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