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someone’s knockin’ at the door…

December 12, 2011

‘so let ’em in’ paul mccartney so beautifully sings from so many years ago –  and at this time in life the feeling i get’s the message of  love and all the wonder and harmony that fills the soul with this gift – much goes on in life to distract betray and steal our better and best sensibilities – it’s an age where we’re literally bombarded with signals storms and a clock that’s lost much of it’s meaning to carrying on with the elegance grace and spontaneity of really going with the flow and realizing the perfectly timed side of life, it’s really there – and that’s where it all happens – you’re in it or you’re out – and when you’re in the good all happens even better than you can imagine – fighting the ‘good fight’ as the other way of running your life does just that it runs you into the ground, literally if you let it go on long enough – the problem for me was always a false pride of misplaced ‘righteous strength’ in moments where it ‘felt’ called for – what i’ve by the grace of god come to truly realize this year is that that’s actually the way of self-inflicted failure that comes with a heavy dose of hurt in my heart and in even worse in those of the ones i love the most – what’s miraculous for me is to have finally gained the enlightenment and discipline in living at a far higher plain of empathy thoughtfulness and givingthis is where life becomes a series of gifts unwrapping themselves each and every day with all the fulfillment of the best god has for us all – it’s simply our choice to have what we will – so when you feel the love that’s really there i’ve learned to be openly grateful for it as it’s the greatest gift we can ever have in life – maybe the temporary fabric of your life has your mind telling you it’s a time of the roughest feeling without much in the way of warmth and maybe the edges all look frayed and tattered – yet this is temporary and it isn’t reality and what’s worse is it’s the place where we make our worst decisions as they all have the quicksanded foundation of painful emotions running us ragged – it’s a trick on you from bad emotions when you’re in a season of strife – so how do you win? – you win by trusting in that there really simply is a magical way up that doesn’t mean having to run out – i tried that one when it was all too much and by the grace of god an amazing friend with the knowledge to really help me did just that and more and i’m now a forever better person for it – please know at this exceptionally wonderful and personal time of year when the stress of emotions can be inordinately high that you have to look at yourself in the mirror and make sure you’re feeling your finest – if you’re not then it’s up to you to reach out and see the golden threads of love that’re all around you and run to them – run to the real love, the unconditional love even if it’s not perfect or maybe even needs a bit of servicing – it nonetheless is where you’ll win every time – for there are only 2 ways in life – one’s with the love where it can all just happen and the other’s ‘sister sadness’ – let her be and be with the love that’s already there for you – that’s where your greatest happiness ultimately awaits – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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  1. December 12, 2011 5:00 pm

    I am Feeling beautiful! and smart and focused! Seeing my place in the world means I am acting from my heart and I am clear about the impact my ACTIONS have. I know my path is leading me to places that are in total alignment with my gifts and using them to serve creating a better world.

    Today as led the Character Counts! Ethics Coalition meeting, I was able to see how all the things in my past have led me to this powerful and meaningful work. I feel beautiful and more importantly blessed!!

    Thanks for the great topic…

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